How to distinguish between makeup brushes-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-28
How to distinguish between cosmetic brushes, there are many kinds of cosmetic brushes, and it is easy to admit mistakes. The hair of cosmetic brushes is divided into two types: natural hair and artificial hair. However, there are differences between the shape of the handle and the shape of the bristles when the makeup brush is made. The first is for better identification, and the second is for easy use in different places. The following editor will talk about how to distinguish between makeup brushes and their corresponding functions. Large, thick handle: 1. The largest: loose powder brush 2. The second largest: blush brush 3. The one with flat bristles: foundation makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale 4. The smallest of the large numbers: contour brush Medium: 1. The largest: large concealer 2, small: small concealer brush Small: 1, large eye shadow brush 2, medium eye shadow makeup brushes wholesale 3, small eye shadow brush 4, sponge eye shadow stick oblique: 1, hard bristles: eyebrow brush 2, soft bristles, and relatively Large: angled concealer brush 3, bristles are soft and small: angled eye shadow brush Smallest: 1, needle-like, and hard: eyeliner brush 2, small, round, soft: lip brush makeup bristles distinguish makeup There are two types of makeup brushes wholesale hair: natural hair and artificial hair. Natural hair has complete scales, so the hair is relatively soft and has strong powder-holding power, which can make the makeup more docile and will not irritate the skin. Among the natural hairs, mink hair and yellow wolf hair are relatively high-quality hairs, which are soft and moderate in texture, and the price will be relatively expensive; goat hair is a relatively common hair quality; horse hair is relatively soft, but horse hair is slightly less elastic. ;Squirrel hair is the highest quality hair, the price will be very expensive, but you get what you pay for. The texture of artificial hair is relatively hard, suitable for thick cream makeup, but the price will be much lower. Artificial hair is more used for foundation brushes; nylon is the hardest, and it is mostly used for eyelash brushes and eyebrow makeup brushes wholesale. The above is how to distinguish the whole content of the makeup brushes shared today. If you know which part of the makeup brush is used, don’t use it wrong. After all, every cosmetic is different, so as not to produce bad effects. Cleaning the makeup brush is also very important. Remember to clean your makeup brushes frequently after use.
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