How to clean used makeup brushes-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-04
How to clean used makeup brushes, makeup brushes are now positioned as daily necessities, and everyone has a love for beauty. It is necessary to use makeup brushes to draw a good-looking makeup. After using makeup brushes, it is inevitable that they will be contaminated with sebum, Microbes, dust, etc. in the air will breed bacteria. Using such unclean makeup brushes will affect the skin quality and even cause skin allergies. Steps on how to clean makeup brushes: 1. Prepare a basin of clean water and pour in 2 cm of makeup brush cleaning solution. 2. Stir the makeup brush into the water, and gently rub the makeup brush with your fingers. 3. Use a paper towel to press off the excess water on the makeup brush. 4. Finally, put the makeup brush horizontally in a cool place and let it dry naturally. Tools for cleaning makeup brushes: 1. Johnson's baby shampoo, which can be used to clean all brushes without damaging the bristles. Cooperate with scrubbing tools: sigma scrubbing pad (large scrubbing pad is specially designed to clean multiple large makeup brushes, not recommended for beginners), mintbear scrubbing egg (practical for beginners, wash a single brush), pour an appropriate amount of scrubbing liquid on the scrubbing tool, With the brush head facing down, use gentle circular motions to clean. 2.brush egg is a cute scrubbing artifact. It is generally used to clean lip brushes and eyeliner on the brushes. It is very convenient. 3. Net cover, this is essential. The drying process after cleaning the brush is very important. Some people find that after cleaning the brush, the hair will explode after drying. That is because you did not use the net cover. After using the net cover, After drying, the bristles of the brush will be very fluffy and will not be fried. 4. The most important thing is to dry it in the sun and put it in a ventilated and cool place. Do not expose it to the sun! Use the mintbear drying rack, which is made of thick acrylic material, waterproof and easy to clean. There are jacks of different sizes, which can dry several makeup brushes of different thicknesses. After the makeup makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale is cleaned, the bristles are straightened out, the brush head is brushed down, and the whole brush is inserted vertically from the top of the brush handle into the card position of the brush holder, and then put it in a cool and ventilated place to blow dry, and wait for it to dry naturally up. The editor has already introduced a lot about how to clean makeup brushes, including how to clean commonly used makeup brushes and the cleaning method of makeup brush sets. Today’s content is still very fresh, and I hope it can help everyone.
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