How to clean the makeup brush for the first time Do you need to wash the makeup brush for the first time?-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-25
For novice makeup artists, it is a blank sheet of paper for buying makeup brushes, and even more so for cleaning makeup brushes. Newly purchased makeup brushes actually need to be washed again. This is not only to clean the bacteria on the makeup makeup brushes wholesale, but even if there are no bacteria, cleaning them for the first time is also a spiritual comfort. The makeup brushes you just bought may have bacteria and microorganisms attached to them. Only after cleaning can the makeup brushes wholesale be clean to give a neat makeup look. Smooth out the hair and tail, and also wash it with plenty of water. The first thing we need to know about cleaning makeup brushes is that makeup brushes are also divided into two materials, one is animal soft hair and the other is artificial fiber. These two different materials also have different cleaning methods. If they are not cleaned correctly, the life of the makeup brush will be reduced. First, let's look at soft animal hair brushes: Soft animal hair brushes are usually used in conjunction with powder products, such as the loose powder brush, eye shadow brush, and blush brush that we usually use. Frequent washing with water is not recommended as it will damage the hair quality. I usually feel that after the loose powder brush gets dirty, I can wash it with a transparent loose powder to take away the rest of the color. If it is washed with water, it can be washed once a week or half a month with a professional detergent. Man-made fiber soft brush: Man-made fiber brushes are relatively easier to clean. It is recommended to wash them with water and detergent and dry them after each use. Commonly used makeup brush representatives are: foundation brush, lip makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale. Next, let's talk about the correct way to clean the makeup brush: Warm water + washing liquid cleaning 1. We fully soak the makeup brush with warm water before cleaning, and pay attention not to get water at the connection between the brush and the tube. 2. Pour out the detergent, put it in the palm of your hand, and rub it to create foam. Let the brush fully absorb it and rub it in circles until the residual powder is washed out. (You can also find a container to put the paint makeup brushes wholesale in to clean it, be careful not to put too much water) 3. Use your fingertips to squeeze out the dirty water along the bristles until there is no trace of cosmetic residue and then wash it with water. 4. Wipe the brush with a clean facial tissue to see if there is any residual powder. If so, repeat the above steps to clean it again. 5. After squeezing out the water, blot the water with a clean facial tissue, and lay it flat on the paper to dry. How to clean the makeup brush for the first time Do you need to wash the makeup brush for the first time? The content is here. I hope it can help everyone. When cleaning, we should pay attention to cleaning the makeup makeup brushes wholesale in a clockwise direction. Do not wash counterclockwise to avoid damage to the bristles. If you need to buy makeup brushes, you can buy them in the product center of the website.
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