How to clean the eyeliner brush-eyeliner brush knowledge

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-21
Eyeliner brushes are available in several shapes. The thin, flat makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale (both flat and slightly rounded bristles are fine) is a favorite of many professional makeup artists, and it helps you create a precise eyeliner that's not too thin or too grouped , can be used wet or dry, and can be used on both upper and lower eyeliners. So how do you clean the eyeliner brush after using it? If the eyeliner brush is used for a long time without washing it, it will not be good to use. You should clean it with eye and lip makeup remover every time you use it. There is also a special cleaning solution at home. When I bought it, it said that it must be cleaned after use. It does not mean that it must be washed like a new one. At least 8 layers of eyeliner should be cleaned. Otherwise, it will reduce the life of the brush. And don’t wash it temporarily The hair is hard, anyway, I use eye and lip makeup remover to apply it. The eyeliner makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale can be divided into dry cleaning and wet cleaning, loose powder) and powder on the makeup brushes wholesale. Then sweep on a paper towel. Sweep the color onto a paper towel. For dry cleaning, use powder (that is, setting powder. Don’t use violent wet cleaning, just use detergent. Shampoo and facial cleanser foam type are fine. Wash gently. Because it is related to eye hygiene ~ usually once a month is enough ~ warm Soak in cold water for 12 minutes, add shampoo or soap, press on the back of the hand along the lines of the bristles, then squeeze out the stains along the bristles, then wash the brush with running water and put it on a dry towel to dry in the shade. If you wear makeup every day, it is recommended that you wash it frequently The above is the relevant knowledge about eyeliner makeup brushes wholesale shared by Xiaobian with you, I hope it will be helpful to you.
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