How to clean makeup brushes without water? -

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-18
When using a cosmetic brush, the oil on the skin will stick to the bristles. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will be a great burden on the skin. The accumulation of bacteria will increase the chance of skin sensitivity and acne. It's time to clean but the brushes are too dirty. Some foundation brushes are full of liquid foundation after use, and there are makeup brushes wholesale marks on the face when using it. The following makeup brush editor will show you how to clean makeup brushes without water? You can only clean powdery makeup brushes without water, such as eyeshadow makeup brushes wholesale. Blush brush, honey powder brush. Here are 3 methods of cleaning cosmetic brushes without water: Method 1. Cosmetic brush spray + kitchen napkin How to use: Spray the cosmetic brush spray on the kitchen napkin, gently move the cosmetic brush back and forth on the paper several times, and then dry it again Use, do not spray the spray directly on the makeup brush, it will damage the makeup brush, and the reason for using a kitchen paper towel is that it is relatively thick, and the general toilet paper may be broken after spraying on the brush. The makeup brush spray is not limited to brands, and there are many special counters Brands are available, such as Bobbi Brown. MAC. Make up for ever... etc. You can also find cheap ones in drugstores. Method 2. How to use kitchen napkins (advanced version + powder): Kitchen napkins can generally remove most of the residual makeup on makeup brushes, but if you still feel that it is not clean enough, you can add powder to make it an advanced version. Dip the makeup makeup brushes wholesale into the powder, evenly 'coat the powder', shake off the remaining powder, and then use the kitchen napkin to brush back and forth several times. This method is suitable for not too dirty. Makeup brushes that don’t get stained with too many bright colors. Take a large can of loose powder powder that you can’t use up or use less. It’s less painful to use. I usually use FANCL large cans of powder. Laura Mercier Sheer Powder. Method 3. Use a sponge to clean the makeup brush. How to use: Gently brush the makeup brush back and forth on the sponge. The dense gaps on the sponge can remove the powder on the brush. It is also suitable for use with dry powder makeup brushes. Especially the eye brush, this is definitely a must-have when you only have a few brushes but want to complete multi-colored eye makeup! Multi-color eye makeup is most afraid of mixing colors, which will make the eye makeup look dirty. The makeup brush can be cleaned with simple steps and a few seconds. It is very convenient. The sponge can be used on the other side if it is dirty; if both sides are dirty, you can wash it once. Wash and reuse, or simply buy a new replacement, or you can make your own.
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