How to clean makeup brushes? What to use?-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-28
How to clean cosmetic brushes? What to use? There are countless cosmetic makeup brushes wholesale users, but many people do not know how to clean cosmetic brushes. Cleaning cosmetic brushes can ensure the quality and service life of cosmetic brushes, as well as bacteria, Remnants of fungi. If the makeup brush is not cleaned for a long time, it may cause skin diseases, so how to clean the makeup brush is the correct cleaning method, let's take a look. How to clean the makeup brush? 1. Wet the brush head with cold water first, which can slow down the adhesion of cosmetics on the brush. Be careful not to let water get on the handle to prevent water from entering the interior through the gap in the handle and causing mildew. 2. the soap with the brush head, and then circle back and forth on the palm of your hand, don't use too much force. It is best not to scrub directly with your hands. 3. Finally clean the foam. After washing, try to squeeze out the water in the brush with your hands, and then shake it a few times. Dry the water off the handle with a towel. 4. Put the cosmetic brush into the cosmetic brush protective cover from the handle end, fix it at the position of the brush head, and place the makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale head down to dry. The editor suggests that makeup brushes can be washed every day. If there is no time, it is best to wash them 1-3 times a week. Since eye shadow brushes and eyeliner brushes are not used frequently, they should be washed once a week. The frequency of use is high, so it is recommended to increase the number of times. Other brushes, such as the blush brush, the loose powder makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale and the large angled brush, I use for shading, usually only once a week, so it should not be a big problem. What do you use to clean makeup brushes? We can use facial cleanser, cleansing oil, powder puff cleaner, salt water cleaning, makeup remover cleaning, etc. to clean cosmetic brushes. ①Dishwashing liquid: I think the cleaning power of washing liquid and foundation brushes is the strongest and the fastest. The only thing to pay attention to is not to add too much. I added too much once, and some denser ones, such as Shiseido 131 type or toothbrush-shaped foundation brushes, will have a lot of detergent residue on them and are difficult to clean. ②Alcohol: It is also easy to wash, and it is quick-drying better than dish soap, but it is more convenient for me to obtain dish soap. ③Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo and Body Wash: If there is not much paste left on the fiber brush or the use time is short, this is more convenient to wash. How to clean makeup brushes? What to use? I believe everyone understands it. In addition to the cleaning of makeup brushes, the storage of makeup brushes is also very important. The best way to store makeup brushes is to buy a brush bag, which can also be placed flat Store in a cool, dry place in a small drawer or airtight box.
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