How to clean makeup brushes? Precautions for cleaning makeup brushes

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-12
I believe that every female friend who makes makeup will have a makeup brush. After using it for a period of time, there is a lot of dust on the makeup brush or all kinds of cosmetics are mixed together. At this time, we will perform a cleaning job on him. , Then how to clean makeup brushes? What are the precautions for washing makeup brushes?  How to clean makeup brushes?   Make-up brush cleaning method one: mix tap water with make-up brush cleaning liquid, put the mixed cleansing liquid in a small basin, put the make-up brush in one direction, stir it in one direction, stir for a while and rinse with clean water until it is colorless.   Make-up brush cleaning method 2: Fully soak the make-up brush with make-up remover water, clean it with your hands along the top of the make-up brush, and wash it until it is colorless.   Make-up brush cleaning method 3: Use facial cleanser to make bubbles in the palm of the hand, soak the make-up brush with water and brush it back and forth on the palm of the hand, rinse with clean water after brushing.   Make-up brush cleaning method 4: directly rinse with water until colorless.  Precautions for cleaning makeup brush   Note 1: Do not let water get on the handle when cleaning, to prevent water from entering the inside of the handle through the gap and causing mold.   Note 2: Don't use too much force when cleaning, it is best not to scrub directly with your hands. Note 3: After washing the makeup brushes, put them on a paper towel, wrap them in a cotton towel and press them, as much as possible to dry the bristles of the brush heads; after pressing dry, take out the makeup brushes. Item 4: When the bristles are dried, they should face down, not up, otherwise the water will flow backwards and degumming the brush rod and the metal area. Let it dry naturally. Remember not to blow it with a hair dryer or a fan.   After reading the cleaning items about makeup brushes above, you should all know how to bathe your makeup brushes? It is best to clean the makeup brush once a month or two months, so that the painted makeup can be beautiful.
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