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by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-28
The reason why you should clean your makeup makeup brushes wholesale is simple. Just like our clothes and our veils, if the makeup brush is used for a long time without cleaning, its brush head is easy to accumulate bacteria, so how to clean the makeup brush? The editor of the makeup brush manufacturer will answer for you: How to clean the makeup makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale : 1. Use makeup remover or brush cleaning solution to pour into the powder cover, about a thin layer of complete coverage, let the bristles absorb and absorb, and slightly dissolve the attached makeup. 2. Pour the shampoo with natural ingredients into the basin, mix and foam, and then fully mix the bristles in the bubble water. 3. Hold the bristles in the palm of your hand, and repeat the grasping and releasing techniques to completely remove the residual dirt and make-up in the bristles. 4. At the end of the brush, which is also the part that is most often in contact with cosmetics, clean it carefully again. 5. Finally, wash the brush with plenty of water, and use a clean water basin to completely remove the residual detergent in the bristles. 6. If the brush becomes too astringent due to the use of detergent, you can use a small amount of conditioner to smooth out the hair tail, and also wash it with plenty of water. 7. Take a few paper towels or a towel with good water absorption, cover the bristles and press it several times to make the water absorbed as much as possible, then lay it flat in a ventilated place to dry. Usual maintenance attention: it is best not to be greedy for convenience (the brush head is up) and insert it into the pen holder like a pencil. The reason is the same as drying it, which is easy to cause deformation. The hoop is oxidized, which will affect the appearance. It is better to put it back into the protective cover of the cover. You can usually use transparent loose powder for makeup to 'dry clean' the brush head of the makeup makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale, which can also prevent color shifting.
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