How to clean makeup brushes?-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-22
How to clean makeup brushes? First, you need to prepare paper towels, shampoo, cotton towels, scotch tape and utensils for cleaning brushes. 1. Prepare these items before washing the cosmetic brushes. The cosmetic brushes are cleaned with shampoo, because shampoo has the effect of fluffing hair. Washing the makeup brush with shampoo can make the makeup brush look like new after drying, so you can use it with confidence. In the process of cleaning the makeup brush, first add a little shampoo to the container, then soak the makeup brush under the faucet, and dip some shampoo in the container; such makeup residue will be brushed off and can be squeezed by hand For the makeup brush head, squeeze out the dirty water in the brush head; then continue to clean the other makeup brushes wholesale under the faucet, put all the clean makeup brushes together and drain the water, if you feel that it is not clean, you can repeat the previous cleaning steps. 2. After the cosmetic brush is cleaned, put it on a paper towel, wrap it with a cotton towel and press it tightly, and try to dry the hair of the cosmetic brush head as much as possible; after it is dry, take out the cosmetic brush, and you will find that some brushes appear The phenomenon of bifurcation; then take a paper towel, tear out the paper towel with a diameter of six centimeters, fold it in half, and wrap the brush. Note that the tighter the metal part, the better; then use transparent tape to wrap around the paper towel. Fix the circle, wrap it tightly and firmly, and then push it forward to wrap the part of the bristle, which should be wrapped around the metal part of the makeup brush, push it to the bristle to wrap it; then find a hair band or a rubber band to fix it. 3. Fasten the handle of the makeup brush, and then find a place to hang it to dry. Dry with the bristles facing down, not up, or the water will run back and debond the brush stem and metal parts. In general, eye makeup brushes can dry overnight, while face makeup brushes depend on the weather. Usually it can be dried overnight in summer, but it is not good in winter. After removing the makeup brush tissue holder after drying, the makeup brushes will look a little wet. Simply push the bristles back and forth with your fingers, and the makeup makeup brushes wholesale will naturally fluff up and return to the exact same shape as a new brush.
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