How to clean and care for makeup brushes?

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-27
How to clean and care for makeup brushes? If a good brush is not cared for, it will not only be a pity for the brush but also a waste of money. Therefore, the cleaning and care of makeup brushes is also a very important lesson. Let's talk about brush cleaning first. Cleaning Some brushes do not need to be cleaned every time they are used up, such as shadow brushes and blush brushes, but foundation brushes, eye shadow brushes and lip makeup brushes wholesale are required to be cleaned every time they are used up. Method 1: Use a special cleaning agent for cosmetic makeup brushes wholesale. Now there are many special cleaning agents for cosmetic brushes on the market. Just buy a bottle and you can easily solve the problem. There are two types of better makeup brush cleaners that I use, and they both feel good. I recommend them to you. One is Daiso's cleaning agent (picture 1 below), and the other is UKISS cleaning agent (picture 2 below). How to clean it specifically? You can use a basin or a cup, or a cleaning pad sold on the market to clean it. If you use a basin or a cup, you can first immerse the brush in the water, then pick it up, then add a drop of water and a small amount of cleaning agent to the container, put the brush in and stir it twice, and it will basically be cleaned. , and finally rinse with water. . If you are using a cleaning pad, wet the brush first, then pour some detergent on the makeup brushes wholesale, and then rub the cleaning pad a few times in the direction of the bristles to clean it. If you don't have any tools, don't worry, your hands are good tools hehe. This method of saving money and environmental protection is worthy of praise~ After the makeup brush is stained with cleaning agent, put five fingers together, add some water, then rub the makeup brush on the finger in the direction of the bristles, and rinse it with water when it is almost clean. Very simple! Method 2: Use a special cleaning box for makeup brushes. This is a new method I just discovered recently. I just buy a cleaning box. After using the makeup brush, rub it on the sponge a few times to remove the powder. Save it, it's really convenient. Method 3: Use a special cleaning spray for makeup brushes. In addition to the cleaning box mentioned above, there is another method that is also very convenient. Yes, it is to use a cleaning spray for makeup brushes~ Needless to say about this method. Many cosmetic counters sell them, and they are also available online. You can buy them yourself, so there is nothing much to say here. Generally, it is enough to dry directly after cleaning, and there is no need to rinse with water. Method 4: Use loose powder to clean. Do you think it's a little weird? At the beginning, I also thought it was amazing that loose powder can also clean brushes. After using the brush each time, spread a paper towel on the table, sprinkle the loose powder on the paper towel, and then brush the makeup brush along the direction of the hair to remove the residual powder. Be sure to be gentle until the brush no longer shows color on clean paper towels. Care and Maintenance of Makeup Makeup brushes are generally more delicate. Generally, after cleaning the makeup brush, use a clean towel or paper towel to absorb excess water along the direction of the bristles. Then it can be placed on a drying rack to air dry. There are many treasures on this shelf, and I personally think it is very practical and convenient. If the bristles are loose, and you are worried that the bristles will explode after drying, you can put on a brush net and hang it to dry. You can also use a small tool like a rubber band to fix the brush upside down on the railing, and let it hang to dry naturally. Some brushes are not going to be used for a short period of time after drying. You can put makeup brushes wholesale nets on them, or use Wuli girls' small hair clips to fix them to avoid deformation of the bristles. Then store it back in the brush holder or in the makeup brush bag.
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