How to choose mascara with different brush heads The difference between large brush head and small brush head

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-13
Eye makeup is a part of the entire face makeup that cannot be ignored. It requires eye shadow products, eyeliner products and mascara. Among them, there are many types of mascara, and the mascara used is different according to the different needs of different makeup, then How to choose mascara with different brush heads? What is the difference between a large brush head and a small brush head for mascara?  Straight brush head:    is the most common and most used brush, which can brush natural and smooth eyelashes.   During use, focus on the roots of the eyelashes and the hands should be light. If the hands are too heavy, there will be too much mascara on the tip of the eyelashes, which will affect the natural smoothness of the eyelashes.   Spiral brush head:    is more common, it can tightly wrap each eyelash, so it can enlarge the eyes and make the eyes look deeper and more energetic.   Slender brush head:    The comb hair is relatively sparse, flat and short, and can be used to brush the eyelashes one by one.   When using, brush evenly from the root one at a time. Avoid using a zigzag brush head, because it may cause the tip of the eyelashes to form a black mass.   Cactus-shaped brush head:    The bristles are relatively slender, and the distance between the bristles is as obvious as a cactus. It is mainly used to strengthen the fine hairs on the eye tip and the end of the eye.   In the process of brushing the eyelashes, if the eyelashes cannot be brushed, they can be brushed with it, and the details can be more perfect.   Special brush for lower eyelashes:    is a relatively mini brush head, suitable for brushing sparse and soft lower lashes.   It is recommended to wipe off the excess mascara from the tip of the brush head, and then brush each lower eyelash vertically with the brush head. The above is the difference between mascara with different brush heads. Each mascara brush head is suitable for different makeup. If the requirements for makeup are not high, then there is a straight brush head and a special brush head for lower eyelashes. enough.
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