How to choose makeup brush cleaner?

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-12
Regarding the cleaning of makeup brushes, it is also very important to choose the correct makeup brush cleaner. There are three types of common makeup brush cleaners: makeup brush special cleaning liquid, makeup brush cleaning spray and water + neutral lotion. 1. Special cleaning liquid for makeup brushes, whether it is a professional makeup brand or a brush brand, has launched a variety of special cleaning liquids for brushes. Some are directly immersed for use, and some need to be diluted with water and washed. You can choose according to your own preferences. And refer to the teaching of how to use it to clean it correctly. It is especially worth noting that if your brush bristles are higher-grade bristles such as animal hair, you must use a brush cleaning fluid to clean them, so as to ensure that the bristles maintain a soft and fluffy touch. 2. Make-up brush cleaning spray will pick up liquid foundation, concealer, lipstick and other moisturizing cosmetics brushes, because they need more intensive cleaning than powdered cosmetics brushes, so they can be carried with you Spray-type brush cleaning supplies, as long as you spray and wipe back and forth on the paper towel after use, it can be washed immediately, and it dries very quickly, so it is very convenient to use. 3. Clean water + neutral lotion brushes with relatively generous bristles, such as powder brushes, blush brushes, and contouring brushes. If you use professional cleaning fluids to clean them, you may use up a can of them after washing a few times, so more People will choose to use mild, neutral, non-additive soap, facial cleanser, shower gel or shampoo to clean with water. As long as the brush is drawn in a circle after foaming, the color of the cosmetics can be clearly seen. The cleaning effect is also quite good.
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