How to choose cosmetics for beginners: master the four steps of smelling, burning, measuring and applying-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-15
Cleansing Milk Smell: It has a light fragrance, not pungent. Look: It should be water-soluble when squeezed into hands, without greasy feeling. Burning: Put a little cleanser into a spoon and burn it under the spoon with fire. If oil splashes, it is not a good cleanser. If it burns more like milk, it is of better quality. Test: Squeeze onto pH test paper to see if the pH is appropriate. Toner Shake: Shake vigorously and observe the bubbles. Few bubbles indicate low nutrition; many and large bubbles indicate that it contains salicylic acid. Salicylic acid has a good cleansing effect, but it is irritating and prone to allergies; many and thin bubbles disappear quickly, indicating that it contains alcohol , do not use it for a long time, it is easy to damage the protective film of the skin; the bubbles are delicate and rich, with a thick layer, and they last for a long time, and the general quality is better. Smell: Those of poor quality have the smell of essence or strong spices, and some of them have the smell of alcohol. The lotion Smell: Good quality without strong spice smell. Test: Pour a little lotion into clear water. If it floats on the water, it proves that it contains petroleum esters, which will damage the skin and cause the skin to be dry and dehydrated, which is the main reason for clogged pores. Essence Look: When purchasing liquid essence, observe the color and shape. If you find turbidity, precipitation or discoloration, do not buy it. Test: Drop it on a stack of tissues or cotton pads, if it easily penetrates downwards, it means the molecules are small, have strong penetrating power, and are easily absorbed by the skin. If it only spreads on the surface, it means that it is not well absorbed. Face Cream Burning: Put a little face cream into a spoon and burn it under the spoon with fire. After it is completely burned, the more black residue there is, the more additives it contains. If there is oil splash or black smoke, do not use it. Coating: Apply it on the paper and rub it on after a while. If it has moisturizing effect, the paper will wrinkle; if the paper becomes transparent, it means it is made of mineral oil. Look: if the filling technique of the cream is good and the texture is fine, the surface layer will show a uniform and smooth shape instead of large and small pores. Cleansing milk Look: if there are lumps in the cleansing milk, it means that it has been stored for too long, so don't buy it. Test: Test whether the makeup remover is easy to integrate with makeup products and can be wiped off with paper.
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