How to choose a makeup brush?

by:Suprabeauty     2023-04-20

Look at the shape First of all, it depends on whether the tip of the brush hair has a natural transition, and secondly, choose the shape according to your own needs. In addition, pay attention to the choice of the handle. The handle should not be too smooth, otherwise it will fall off easily. If it is too long, it will reach the mirror during makeup, which is inconvenient to use. In addition, you must feel its thickness with your hands to see if it is suitable for your palm size. Round brush head: The eye shadow brush with round brush head is especially suitable for evenly brushing eye shadow powder and creating a sense of layering at the same time. Slightly pointed brush tip: a small eyeshadow brush for applying eyeshadow at the base of lashes; this shape is also commonly used with concealer brushes and foundation brushes; there is also a lip brush to help define lips. Geometric angled brush head: suitable for blush brushes and eyeshadow brushes. Scalloped Flat Brush: A contouring brush, often used as a finishing touch. Sensation of touch Every part of the human body has a different degree of sensitivity to external stimuli. Usually we like to feel the touch of the brush on the back of the hand, but this is not the best way. Sometimes the back of the hand feels very soft, but when used on the face, It still feels a little tingly, so when trying out the brushes, you can feel the softness and firmness of the brushes on the inside of your arms and neck, so that you can better choose the ideal makeup brush. Smell Natural makeup brushes generally have a faint fur smell, while artificial makeup brushes have almost no smell, so smelling for pungent odor is also a good way to choose makeup brushes.

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