How to choose a makeup brush!

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-21
Although makeup brushes are essential for our girls’ makeup, many cuties don’t know how to choose a makeup brush. Today, I’m going to give you some key knowledge, the most detailed and comprehensive popular dry goods! First of all, let's understand the hair types and grades of makeup brushes: 1. Luxury grade: squirrel hair, squirrel hair, weasel hair. The price of these three kinds of hair is very gray and very expensive. Generally, the top makeup brushes in the world will use these three materials. These three types of hair are suitable for making loose powder brushes, shadow makeup brushes wholesale, highlight brushes and eye shadow brushes. The advantage is that you can think of them. It can be done, the disadvantage is that it is expensive! Apart from being expensive, there are no other disadvantages. But Xiao D quietly tells you that no matter how top luxury makeup makeup brushes wholesale are, they will not be 100% squirrel hair or weasel hair. The current crafts are all made of mixed hair, that is, mixed hair, 80% animal hair + xxx hair ,Ha ha. 2. High-end grade: goat hair needs to be popularized here. The thin light peak of goat hair belongs to the luxury level, and other goat hair qualities such as medium light peak, white peak, and yellow peak belong to high-end grades. The price is also expensive and high, the advantage is that it is bright and soft, and the powder sticking power is particularly strong. It will be very enjoyable and comfortable to makeup brushes wholesale on the face. The focus is on the powder holding power, which is suitable for powder brushing! It can really save a lot of foundation money, haha, super nice. Goat hair perfectly solves the problems left over from history - 'Soft and comfortable hair is too soft, resulting in weak powder grasping power, and the makeup brushes wholesale cannot stick to powder, which affects makeup.' Goat hair will not, it is soft and sticky to powder! The disadvantage is that it has a strong smell and is easy to lose hair. Everyone knows that no matter how processed it is, the lamb still has the smell, but it will be fine if you take it to the balcony to dry for a few days! 3. Mid-range: Goat hair-2#, goat hair-10# are the more common types of goat hair. The advantages and disadvantages are similar to those of high-grade goat hair, but the middle-grade goat hair is slightly thicker, and the distribution of hair peaks is relatively uneven. , the hair peak is shorter, so the feeling of use will naturally not be as good as high-grade goat hair! I won’t introduce too much here! 4. Low-grade: artificial hair The so-called artificial hair is actually nylon hair, the main components are PBT and PET, which is the most common hair we have seen and come into contact with. Basically, most of the brushes on the market are artificial hair. The advantages of artificial fur are low price, medium-to-high usability, medium softness, strong powder grip, and the key point is that it does not shed hair! No shedding! ! No shedding! ! ! The important advantages are emphasized three times, haha, after all, it is quite good to be able to do this at such a low cost, which is why so many brush manufacturers choose nylon wool, and nylon wool is easy to color and can be made into rich colors , The appearance of the makeup makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale is very beautiful! What about the disadvantages? As the name suggests, artificial hair is a chemical substance after all, and its use feeling is slightly lower than that of animal hair. But it's cheap and has a long lifespan.
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