How to choose a facial makeup brush?-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-22
How to choose a makeup brush for facial makeup? The following editor will introduce several kinds for you: 1. Flat head brush The most classic flat head foundation brush. It is characterized by short bristles and thick and tight bristles. It is more suitable for use with light and thin liquid foundation, and it can be applied with circles or dots. The advantage is that the soft focus effect is obvious and it will not leave abrupt powder marks. The makeup effect is thinner than the traditional tongue-shaped foundation brush. Moreover, the flat head brush has a large contact area with the skin, and the makeup is applied quickly. Sometimes the shape of the bristles is not a pure plane, but has a slope, which is more suitable for the treatment of the sides of the nose and the details of the eyes. It is also easier for beginners to master, so choosing a foundation brush with a flat head is the most suitable for beginners. A good flat brush has soft bristles and good elasticity. When using it, it saves foundation, the bristles do not eat powder, there is no powder mark on the makeup, and the makeup effect is not heavy. When you choose makeup brushes wholesale, you must follow these factors! 2. Round head brush Round head foundation brush is also very easy to use! The English name of this kind of brush is collectively called Buffing . The same bristle density is high, solid and tight. But unlike the flat brush, its brush head is slightly curved. The length of the bristles is longer than that of a flat-head brush, so the shape will spread out, and it looks furry and cute! The method of use is similar to that of a flat-head makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale. Squeeze some foundation on the back of your hand, and use the brush to dip in the foundation a little bit. Apply evenly on the face with point pressure, and then apply the foundation evenly with circular motions. 3. Air-sensing fiber brush Many people's first brush is the tongue-shaped foundation brush! It can be said to be the big brother in the brush world. However, it is really not easy to use a tongue-shaped brush well, and it is not suitable for beginners. If you are not careful, it is easy to make powder marks one after another. Suitable for girls who need high coverage and poor skin condition. Squeeze some foundation on the back of the hand when using it, and then use a brush to dip the foundation on the back of the hand. When applying makeup, the brush should be at an angle of 45° to the skin as much as possible, and apply a small amount and multiple times. After mastering the skills, the makeup effect will be much more beautiful, and the base makeup will be very good! Moreover, the tongue-shaped foundation brush is easy to clean and easy to take care of. It is the favorite of makeup artists backstage!
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