How to apply foundation with foundation? What is the method of applying foundation?

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-11
In the daily makeup process, many people use a variety of makeup tools to apply makeup, including professional makeup artists; especially when applying makeup, everyone will use them according to their own preferences and habits. Choose makeup tools that line your hands to apply foundation, such as powder puffs, makeup eggs, and makeup brushes. The foundation brush is an artifact to create a perfect foundation. It can not only make the foundation easily and conveniently, but also make the makeup show a uniform and natural makeup effect; so in order to create a perfect and flawless foundation, the foundation brush is naturally necessary. So here comes the problem. The foundation brush itself has bristles. After applying the liquid foundation, it is easy to produce brush marks. How can the foundation brush be used so that there will be no brush marks? In fact, foundation brush is just one of many makeup tools. Although it is common and many people have idle at home, there are still many people who don’t know the correct usage of foundation brush. The base makeup that comes out is like brushing the wall with a brush. Not only is it uneven, but there are many brush marks left, which looks a bit like scarred; so everyone is blaming the foundation brush for not working well! To be honest, the foundation brush is not difficult to use, as long as you master its usage, then you can also make a perfect makeup look that a professional makeup artist makes! As the saying goes, if you want to do well, you must first sharpen your tools. If you want to use a foundation brush well, you must first have a certain understanding of the classification, characteristics and usage of foundation brushes. Different types of foundation brushes have them. The characteristics and usage of each are quite different. If you still don't know much about it, let's take a look at how I use it!   There are many foundation brushes on the market, with all kinds of strange shapes, such as flat brushes, tongue-shaped brushes, flat brushes, toothbrush brushes, and so on. So let me choose a few of them that are relatively common and commonly used! The first type is the flat-head brush. Among the many foundation brushes, the use rate of the flat-head foundation brush is relatively high. The flat-head brush creates a very good base makeup effect, which can achieve makeup. It is weak and can cover most of the blemishes on the face; the main feature of this type of foundation brush is that it doesn't eat too much powder, and it creates a base makeup with high coverage. These characteristics all depend on its high density and softness of the bristles; Therefore, the best way to use a flat-head foundation brush is to apply the foundation in a circular motion from the inside to the outside. This will not only better fill the pores, but also cover most of the blemishes on the face. The flat-head brush is more suitable for thick and heavy foundation. The second is the tongue-shaped brush. The main feature of the tongue-shaped brush is that the makeup speed is relatively fast, and it can create a thin and natural base makeup. This is due to its own tongue-shaped shape, which has a tongue like a tongue. The arc, or the brush head is flat. So the way to use the tongue-shaped foundation brush is to apply the foundation in one direction when using it to apply the foundation. Make a stroke and do not brush it back and forth, so as to avoid uneven foundation or brush marks due to brushing back and forth. ; Therefore, the tongue-shaped foundation brush is more suitable for thin and light liquid foundation. The third type is a flat brush. Compared with other types of foundation brushes, a flat brush has the largest brush surface area, and the bristles are relatively thin and dense; therefore, this kind of foundation brush is very fast. Yes, you can quickly apply makeup and create a very light makeup effect. This is also the case. The use of a flat foundation brush is to apply the foundation in one direction. The same is not to brush back and forth. If you brush back and forth In addition, the makeup area of u200bu200bthe flat foundation brush itself is relatively large, and it is easier to create a thick and fake foundation makeup effect in the end.
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