How should the eyeliner brush in the makeup brush set be cleaned?-Knowledge of eyeliner brushes

by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-01
How should the eyeliner brush in the makeup makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale set be cleaned? Because the eyeliner brush in the makeup brush set is different from other makeup brushes in quality, when cleaning the makeup brush, the cleaning method of the eyeliner brush should be separated from the cleaning method of other makeup makeup brushes wholesale. Use the correct makeup brush. The brush cleaning method can prolong the service life of the makeup brush, and make it easier to keep the quality of your makeup bristles in the best condition. Let's follow the editor to see how to clean the eyeliner brush. There are two types of eyeliner brushes: thin and flat brushes (both flat and slightly rounded bristles are acceptable), and they are also the favorite of many professional makeup artists. The eyeliner brush can help you draw a precise eyeliner that is neither too thin nor too grouped. It can be used wet or dry, and can be used on both upper and lower eyeliners. There are two types of eyeliner brush cleaning: dry cleaning and wet cleaning. 1. Dry cleaning eyeliner brush method Eyeliner brush dry cleaning first is to use a brush to dip powder, that is, makeup powder, and then brush evenly on the paper towel in one direction until the eyeliner brush is on. 2. Wet cleaning eyeliner brush method: Avoid violent cleaning of eyeliner makeup brushes wholesale when doing wet cleaning. Wet cleaning is usually done once a month. Use warm water and shampoo or soap to soak for 12 minutes , Then take it out and press it on the back of your hand, squeeze out the stain along the hair, then wash the brush with running water and put it on a dry towel to dry in the shade. How should I clean the eyeliner brush in the makeup brush set? If the eyeliner makeup brushes wholesale is used for a long time without cleaning, the effect will not be good. After each use, you can clean it with eye and lip makeup remover, or use a special cleaning solution. When you say that you must wash it after use, it does not mean that you must wash it like a new one, at least clean the eyeliner on it, otherwise it will reduce the life of the makeup brush, and the bristles will become dirty if you don’t wash it after use. Hard, you can also use eye and lip makeup remover to wipe.
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