How should a novice buy a makeup brush?-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-19
How should a novice buy makeup brushes? Friends who are new to the ramp are still confused about the purchase of makeup brushes. Because they are not familiar enough with the functions of makeup makeup brushes wholesale and do not know the various functions of makeup brushes, I will share them with you today. A little science about the types and functions of makeup brushes. What do you think about hair brushes? To understand it simply, there are two types: animal hair& Artificial fiber hair Animal hair is softer and more comfortable on the face, but it is less powder-holding and is more suitable for smudged dyeing; artificial hair is denser and generally harder, but it is also easier to color and washable, and is not easy to break. Foundation brush Flat-head foundation brush This brush is more suitable for use with liquid foundation with strong fluidity. After dipping it, brush it directly on the face, paying attention to be quick and even. The coverage is medium to high, try not to use it on thick liquid foundation, it is easy to be unconvincing. Flat-headed foundation brush The flat-headed brush is more suitable for applying thicker liquid foundations such as powder and cream. After applying it on the face, just smudge it in circles. The disadvantage is also obvious, that is, it is more powdery, but you can boldly apply the cheap liquid foundation~~ The use method of the round head foundation brush is the same as that of the flat head, but because of the shape, it will be more comfortable to apply on the face, but also It is easy to have brush marks, it is recommended to use it together with a beauty sponge. Toothbrush-type foundation brush Small in size and flattering in shape, it is very convenient to apply makeup. The bristles are relatively dense, and they don't eat much powder. You can consider using this kind of expensive liquid foundation. However, it will not take care of the details, such as: the nose, the corners of the eyes, and the eyes. loose powder&Contouring brush Torch-shaped brush The soft brush is more friendly to loose powder, and it is also very comfortable to apply on the face, but you need to pay attention to the degree and technique, it is best to press it, do not rub it, otherwise it is easy to emboss the base makeup. Slanted head brush The slanted head design is more suitable for contouring and blush, especially for contouring. The line of the mandible fits just right and is not easy to miss. The bristles are soft and don't get very pigmented, making it easy to touch up if you get heavy hands. Flame-shaped brush Choose a suitable-sized flame-shaped brush, which is very suitable for brushing the highlights on the cheeks and the bridge of the nose. It is still necessary to create a delicate makeup. Eye brush Color spreading brush If you want to apply color well, you still need to choose a coloring makeup brushes wholesale with stronger bristles, and it is recommended to prepare large, medium and small models, which can create a variety of gradient eye shadows. Smudge-type makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale The most important part of eye makeup must be the smudge, otherwise it will appear abrupt if the edges are too clear, which is commonly known as 'domestic violence makeup'. In addition to the eyes, the nose shadow can also be finished with a beveled smudge brush. Detail brushes Pointed and small awl-shaped detail makeup brushes wholesale can be used to draw the lower eyeliner and brighten the corners of the eyes. If you use your hands and ordinary brushes, the range is likely to be too large. How should a novice buy a makeup brush? That’s all for the content. The novice makeup brush editor recommends using artificial fiber hair makeup brushes, which are cheaper than animal hair and can last longer.
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