How often should you wash your makeup brushes?-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-01
How often do you wash your makeup brushes? Cosmetic makeup brushes wholesale are daily utensils for many women. The cosmetic brushes we use can generally be divided into two types of materials, one is a cosmetic brush made of animal hair, and the other is an artificial cosmetic brush made of fiber hair. Mainly with nylon hair, although both are cosmetic brushes, their cleaning methods and cleaning intervals will be different. Artificial bristles are generally cleaned more frequently than animal bristles. Animal bristles Yellow wolf tail hair: The hardness and elasticity of this hair are the most suitable for eye shadow brushes, and it is better than horse hair. Goat hair: The most commonly used bristles, soft and durable, including white tip wool and medium light peak wool It is the best of wool brushes; Horse hair: Harder than goat hair, mostly used as eye shadow makeup brushes wholesale Squirrel hair: Cheaper than mink hair, soft texture Artificial bristles Artificial fiber: Harder than the above animal hair, suitable for thick cream makeup Nylon : Hardest texture, used as eyelash makeup brushes wholesale and eyebrow makeup brushes wholesale. The cleaning time of animal bristles is generally once a week, because animal bristles are different from artificial bristles, and artificial bristles are cheaper and more washable. Manual brush cleaning can be done three times a week, or once a day if possible. How often should you wash your makeup makeup brushes wholesale? That’s all for now. Whether you wash it once a week or once a day, the most important thing is to wash it. After use, the makeup brushes will stick to cosmetics and come into contact with the oil on the skin. These problems may be the source and source of bacteria, so it is better to clean regularly for the health of the skin.
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