How do you clean makeup applicators?

by:Suprabeauty     2023-07-08

How Do You Clean Makeup Applicators?

Makeup applicators, such as brushes, sponges, and beauty blenders, are essential tools for achieving a flawless makeup look. However, over time, these applicators can accumulate dirt, oil, bacteria, and old makeup, making them less effective and potentially causing skin irritations or breakouts. This is why regular cleaning of your makeup applicators is crucial. In this article, we will guide you through the process of cleaning different types of applicators so that you can maintain their performance and keep your makeup routine hygienic.

I. Why Clean Makeup Applicators?

Dirty makeup applicators not only affect the quality of your makeup application but also pose potential risks to your skin. Here are a few reasons why you should make cleaning your makeup applicators a regular part of your beauty routine:

1. Bacteria and Germs: When makeup brushes and sponges come into contact with your skin, they accumulate bacteria, oils, and dead skin cells. Failure to clean them regularly can result in bacterial growth, leading to acne breakouts and skin infections.

2. Clogged Pores: Oils and makeup residue trapped in applicators can clog the bristles or sponge, making them less effective in picking up and applying makeup. This can lead to streaky or uneven application, affecting the overall look you are aiming to achieve.

3. Poor Blending: Applicators covered in leftover foundation or powder can cause your makeup to appear patchy or uneven. Cleaning them regularly helps the color to transfer smoothly and ensures a flawless, natural-looking finish.

4. Product Buildup: Makeup brushes, especially, tend to accumulate old makeup products with continued use. This buildup can alter the color of your makeup and affect the shade you desire, making it crucial to clean them regularly.

II. Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes should ideally be cleaned every 2-4 weeks, depending on how frequently you use them. Follow these steps to effectively clean your brushes:

1. Rinse: Begin by rinsing the brush bristles under warm water, ensuring that the water flows only in the direction of the bristles to avoid loosening them.

2. Cleanse: Use a gentle soap or a brush cleanser to thoroughly clean the bristles. Gently swirl the brush on the palm of your hand or use a cleaning mat to remove any product buildup.

3. Rinse Again: Rinse the brush bristles under running warm water again until the water runs clear and all soap residue is gone.

4. Shape and Dry: Squeeze out any excess water gently and reshape the bristles. Lay the brushes flat on a clean towel and leave them to dry overnight, ensuring they are fully dry before using them again.

III. Cleaning Makeup Sponges

Makeup sponges, such as beauty blenders, are popular for achieving a seamless, airbrushed finish. However, without proper care, they can quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria. Here's how to clean your makeup sponges effectively:

1. Wet: Wet your sponge under warm water until it expands and becomes fully saturated.

2. Cleanse: Apply a mild soap or a specially formulated cleanser directly onto the sponge or onto your hands. Gently massage the sponge, squeezing and releasing it repeatedly to help the soap penetrate the core and dislodge any products trapped within.

3. Rinse: Rinse the sponge under running water, squeezing it gently to ensure all soap residue is removed. Repeat this step until the water runs clear.

4. Dry: Gently press the sponge with a clean towel to remove excess water. Place it in a well-ventilated area to air dry completely before storing or using again.

IV. Dish Soap as an Alternative Cleanser

If you don't have access to specialized brush cleansers or sponge cleaners, using mild dish soap can be a suitable option. Look for a fragrance-free or antibacterial dish soap, and follow the same steps described earlier to clean your applicators effectively.

V. Storing Clean Makeup Applicators

After cleaning your makeup applicators, proper storage is essential to prevent recontamination. Consider the following tips:

1. Air Dry: Allow your brushes and sponges to dry completely before storing them. This helps to avoid mold and prevents the growth of bacteria.

2. Store Upright: To maintain the shape and integrity of your makeup brushes, it is best to store them upright in a brush holder or a cup to avoid bending the bristles.

3. Keep Protected: Store your clean sponge in a clean, dry container or a makeup bag to avoid exposure to dirt and bacteria.

By implementing these simple cleaning techniques into your beauty routine, you can ensure that your makeup applicators remain in top condition, deliver flawless results, and promote better hygiene. Remember, clean tools equal a clean canvas, leading to a healthier and more enjoyable makeup application experience.

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