How do women with yellow skin choose cosmetics-Company News-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-15
1. How to choose foundation for women with yellow skin The choice of foundation is very important. Do not apply on the back of the hand for contrast. Apply several colors that are more suitable for you on the jaw at the junction of the head and neck, and compare them in the sun. This is more accurate. The foundation that does not cause too much color difference on the head and neck after application is the foundation that suits you. If you want to have a natural whiteness, it is best to apply a foundation that is one or two degrees whiter to the highlight parts of the face after applying the natural color foundation. 2. How to choose eye shadow for yellow-skinned women Highly saturated blue, purple and green should be avoided. It's very easy to get dirty. It is best to choose other colors to match. For example, the collocation of light green and bright yellow, the collocation of lavender and light pink, etc. Nude color eye shadows and bright low-saturation colors are very suitable for yellow skin! 3. How do yellow-skinned women choose barrier cream There are many colors of barrier cream on the market for us to choose from. Purple, green, pink, natural skin tones and more. Which one is suitable for you? Purple, blue: suitable for people with yellowish complexion. Green: suitable for people with red face. Pink: suitable for fair to light yellow skin. Natural color: suitable for neutral and dark skin tones. 4. How to choose blush for women with yellow skin Orange blush: Orange blush is a very suitable blush color for yellow skin. Natural and dynamic. Coral blush: Coral blush can give yellow skin a healthy color. Just swipe on the smiling muscles; Flesh pink blush: nude pink, very close to Asian skin tone!
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