How do I store my makeup brushes?

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-11
Weird type-beaker

Beakers are no longer just for laboratories. Wide-mouth cups and chemical containers of different capacities are perfect for those who have the temperament of a beauty experimenter. (In general, they are what we use and like). This type of container can be bought at a store that sells experimental equipment, and the price is cheap.

Retro style-wide-mouth bottle

Not only is it cute and easy to get, but it is also very versatile. The wide-mouth glass bottle is the most popular and convenient Available cosmetic brush storage tube. The jam jars and honey jars after eating are basically wide-mouth glass bottles, which are environmentally friendly and beautiful when used as brush tubes. You can also spray them with colors to create a sense of luxury, or use black markers to write letters to embellish them, so you can be creative and DIY.

Literary type-Mug

Many friends around the editor are cup-controlled. If you see a beautiful cup, you must buy it for collection. If you are like this, you might as well decorate your dressing table with idle mugs. For beauty professionals, makeup brushes are as important as painter's brushes. It is not an exaggeration to customize a dedicated ceramic cup to store your brushes.

Fashionable and neat type-minimalist acrylic storage box

If simplicity is your style, choose a simple transparent can that suits you best Tomato sauce. In the Japanese brand MUJI, the most popular acrylic storage box is the epitome of this minimalism applied to beauty design. Their translucent acrylic storage box allows you to see the brush clearly like a glass jar, and the lightweight design is also very pleasing.

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