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by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-11

BOBBI BROWN Professional Brush Cleaner

BOBBI BROWN Professional Brush Cleaner

bought from the Netherlands for about RMB140, the photo is clear enough, the English above should be read clearly. Quietly tell everyone that this brush cleaner can be used for many purposes: wash brushes, wash the surface of the sea, wipe the table--~

Use a small basin to touch warm water, and rub the detergent gently. The sponge is soaked in water and pinched. You will find that the water immediately becomes turbid, which is amazing.

BODYSHOP professional brush set

BODYSHOP professional brush set (with brush pack)

Please ignore the 2 on the left, they are the same-0-because I only I bought the one on the left, but later I saw that the brush package was discounted, so I bought it again. Purchased in the Netherlands, a set of RMB 90 discount. And I bought the first one on the left for RMB 125, which was so bad. Two months after Christmas, I had a discount, so I moved all home and gave one to my mother. This brush feels very soft on the face, very, very good, not worse than other big brands.

1 and 2 from the left are blush brushes. I used to apply rice powder, loose powder and blush. In fact, large brushes are very useful.

The third one from the left is a foundation brush. To be honest, this is not very good. It’s easy to brush away. I mainly use it to dip highlighter.

The fourth one from the left is the eyeshadow brush. Compared with the MAC eyeshadow brush, the bristles are a bit thin, but it works well when brushing the eyelids and corners of the eyes.

From the left The fifth one is the dual-use brush for lip and concealer. The bristles are also a bit less, but it is just right for concealer.

The sixth one from the left is an eye shadow stick, which is mainly used for smoky makeup. Big try so I'm idle

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