Fiber filaments of makeup bristles

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-12
It can be used on any makeup brush, which is different from animal hair. It can partially replace animal hair, but it cannot be completely replaced.

Fiber filaments are plastic particles that are melted and drawn at high temperature. They are industrial products and basically standardized products. The focus of fiber yarn is mainly reflected in: plastic particles, drawing process and curvature, oxidation peak, dyeing process, curvature and curvature ratio. Many names such as bionic wool on the market are essentially fiber filaments.

Plastic particles: raw materials that can be drawn, such as PBT and PET. PET is often used as cling film. PET is softer, and PBT has better toughness and strength. Both raw materials are domestically produced and imported. Imports generally use BASF's pellets, but I have heard that better raw materials come from Mitsui and Mitsubishi, and basically only Japanese brands are useful. Generally, it’s good if you can use BASF. The editor is very responsible to tell everyone that if the brush you buy is not at the price, there is a high probability that you will not use BASF’s raw materials. Basically, you can use Yanshan Petrochemical and Yizheng Petrochemical's is pretty good. The price of fiber yarn is only reflected in the raw materials, and the others are to increase the degree of comfort, such as the texture is more skin-friendly.

Wire drawing process: The wire drawing process is mainly reflected in the uniformity of the thickness of the wire, toughness and tensile strength. In this regard, the differences between manufacturers are not very big. The big difference is that good factories have quality assurance in the use of materials. With the same process, the silk effect of good materials will definitely be better. Furthermore, the curvature is produced during the drawing process. The curvature is to imitate the animal hair in reality. We found that the animal hair is not very straight. In addition, the animal hair has hair scales, which is better for sticking powder; and the fiber silk has no hair scale structure, so it can only be obtained by curvature The effect of sticking powder is not that the greater the curvature, the better, but that there is an applicable standard.

Oxidation peaks: Generally speaking, after the filaments are cut to a specific required length, they need to be corroded by sodium hydroxide solution to obtain fiber filaments with peaks. Factors such as temperature, dosage, and time have a great influence on peak output. Undesirable conditions such as bending, peak breaking, and uneven thickness between the upper and lower sides are common conditions that affect the experience of use. We have also heard of the so-called machine polishing peak. As for this technology, the editor just wants to say that this is a concept, and the current hype is mostly.

Dyeing process: This is very important and is related to the aesthetics of the fiber. Some people say what dyeing materials are used, pollution-free, pure plants, consumers should think about it, pure plants are difficult to dye, or it is difficult to maintain a fixed color, and how to fix the color, you have to use chemicals raw material. Just like people wear clothes, except for cotton and other natural materials, they are basically chemical fiber clothes, which are basically dyed. There is almost no problem with the current level of technology, but if you pay a premium to buy expensive clothes, consumers may be able to wear it more comfortably.

Curvature and curvature ratio: the curvature is formed during wire drawing, and the curvature ratio is the most suitable and most comfortable bristles obtained after many tests plan. The proportioning test is generally tested by the big-name cosmetic brush brands to guide the manufacturer. Many cosmetic brush manufacturers only know that they are produced for the production of cosmetic brushes, but do not know that the bristles have a curvature ratio.

As far as the overall fiber is concerned, cheap brushes are difficult to use good fiber. Of course, you have to use expensive makeup brushes to distinguish them. Xiaobian as an ordinary consumer A member of, do his best to persuade everyone not to behave like a bad business in order to be cheap for a while.

At present, more and more people are using makeup brushes. We will continue to provide you with more cost-effective, more comfortable and more exquisite makeup brush sets. We hope that we can and love our products. Everyone shares a brisk, beautiful, trendy and fashionable attitude and way of life, so that everyone can live out their own splendor on different occasions.

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