Easy to clean makeup brushes, comprehensive care for healthy and beautiful skin

by:Suprabeauty     2023-04-19

Thoroughly clean the brushes every month. Make-up brushes are generally made of animal hair, so they are easy to be contaminated with dust in the air. For those girls who often wear heavy makeup, it is best to clean the makeup brushes every few days. Even if you don't use it every day, the editor also recommends that you clean it at least once a month, especially in hot and humid summer. Makeup brushes can be said to be a greenhouse for breeding bacteria, so they must be cleaned in time. Store bright and dark makeup brushes separately because various brushes will occupy different colors of cosmetics, and the added ingredients are also different. The places where bright and dark makeup brushes are used will also be different. Makes cleaning a hassle and can damage their texture, leaving brushes dry and inflexible. Wash and shape, let dry before using If you don't shape your makeup brushes after you wash them, the brushes will fan out and won't regain their shape after drying. This is a big taboo for cleaning brushes. Be sure to pay attention. The correct method is: put the washed brushes into the matching cover and dry them in a ventilated and cool place. It must be completely dry before use. Using a wet brush will also cause deformation and easy hair loss.

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