Don't forget to clean your makeup tools regularly

by:Suprabeauty     2023-04-18

Sponge Cleaner: Use neutral soap, because it is milder, you can also use body wash and hand sanitizer. Step 1: Soak the sponge in warm and cold water to soften it; Step 2: Then put soap on the sponge and pinch it gently with your hands, you can pinch it bit by bit with your fingers, or you can pinch the sponge with your entire palm, and then pinch it -Put-pinch-put, at this time you can see all the dirty things being squeezed out! Note: This process is carried out in flowing water or a washbasin. Remember not to rub the two corners against each other like washing clothes, which will deform the sponge and shorten the life of the sponge; Step 3: Wash repeatedly until no dirty water can be squeezed out; Step 4: Squeeze the sponge as much as possible Dry, or blot dry with tissue paper, and let it dry naturally on the table. Wait for it to dry completely before putting it back in the box! PS: The lifespan of the sponge can be judged in this way. If you pinch it with your hands, it still feels very Q and soft, then you can continue to use it (but you must wash it!), if you pinch it, it has no elasticity, and the edges If it breaks, it can be thrown away. Brushes, especially animal hair brushes, must be washed and maintained. Cleanser: Use shampoo for large brushes such as loose powder brushes; use special cleaning liquid for small brushes such as eye shadow brushes, which can be used for both cleaning and maintenance. Step 1: Put the brush in warm and cold water to fully wet the bristles, and soak for about a minute; Step 2: Squeeze the shampoo onto the brush, and gently rub the shampoo into the bristles with your hands. Be gentle; Step 3: Use the brush head to press back and forth on the back of the hand. I always wash until the hairs are all split. It doesn’t matter, but remember! Press along the direction of the hair, do not press against the hair randomly, it will damage the hair quality, if it is dirty, you can add shampoo, and squeeze it directly into the split hair, so that it goes deeper; Step 4: It is also until no dirty things come out, and then dry it with tissue paper. The big brush can be shaken, but when you shake it, you must hold the metal handle and shake it, otherwise it is easy to shake off the brush head! PS: Do not hang brushes to dry like clothes. It is best to spread them out on the table to dry naturally.

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