Do you need to wash the makeup brush for the first time? What are the cleaning steps-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-25
Do I need to wash the makeup brush for the first time? What are the cleaning steps? Many people will feel uneasy if they don’t wash the makeup brush for the first time, just like newly bought clothes. The editor recommends that you use it for the first time It is better to buy and use the makeup brush once. Because cosmetic brushes will produce bacteria and breed microorganisms when they are not used for a long time, and some cosmetic makeup brushes wholesale will also smell. If you wash them for the first time, if there is hair loss or other damage during cleaning, you can communicate with the merchant in time to return and exchange. Cleaning makeup brushes: 1. Daily maintenance: After use, brush paper along the surface to wipe off excess cosmetics. 2. Regular maintenance: Once a week, soak the makeup brushes wholesale in diluted warm soapy water, rinse along the hair, and then rinse with cold water. Dry the brush lightly with a paper towel. When finished, lay the brush flat until completely dry. After cleaning the brush, let it air dry naturally. Do not use a hair dryer or dry in the sun as this will damage the material. Do not stand upright in the cup to dry, as the center of gravity will go to the edge of the wet brush, causing the brush to deform after drying. After washing, you can also soak and rinse with conditioner, which will make the makeup brushes wholesale softer. Warm water plus washing liquid cleaning method: 1. Before cleaning, soak the makeup brush in warm water, pay attention to the connection between the brush and the pipe. 2. Pour out the detergent and rub it on the palm of your hand. Let the brush absorb and rub in circles until the remaining powder is removed. (You can also find a container to wash it in, be careful not to put too much water.) 3. Squeeze out the dirty water in the brush with your fingertips until there is no trace of cosmetic residue, and then rinse with water. 4. Wipe the brush with a clean paper towel to see if there are residual powder stains. If yes, repeat the above steps. 5. After squeezing out the water, absorb the water with a clean paper towel, and lay it flat on the paper to dry. Do you need to wash the makeup brush for the first time? What are the cleaning steps? Here is the content. I hope it can help everyone. It is enough to learn the above knowledge about the cleaning steps of makeup makeup brushes wholesale. We are a professional manufacturer of cosmetic brushes. Customized, wholesale and retail cosmetic brushes are available, please contact us if you need.
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