Do you need a set of makeup brushes for newbies?

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-10
Makeup brushes are important makeup tools. Different types of makeup brushes can meet different makeup needs, such as eye shadow brushes when applying eye makeup, and loose powder brushes when setting makeup. Makeup brushes are indispensable for regular makeup, so do newbies need a set? How many makeup brushes are there for novices?  Do you want a set of makeup brushes for novices?    It is not recommended to buy a set of makeup brushes for novices. It is wise to buy one by one according to your needs. A full set of makeup brushes will inevitably be impractical, and many makeup brushes are multifunctional brushes. For example, blush and contouring can be done with a makeup brush. In order to avoid idleness and waste, just buy and often use it. The makeup brush can be used. A few must-have makeup brushes for novices 1. Blush brush There are two types of blush brushes: oblique and flat. The oblique blush brush is used to modify the cheekbones and the T-shaped area, and the flat blush brush is used for large areas. Color and sweep away the excess powder.  2. Eyeshadow Brush    Eyeshadow Brush is a flat round head brush, which is divided into three types: large, medium and small. The large eyeshadow brush is used to apply the base color, the medium eyeshadow is used to color a small part, and the small eyeshadow is used to paint carefully.   Generally, buying a medium-sized eyeshadow brush is enough for daily makeup. If you have higher requirements for eye makeup, you can buy three types of large, medium and small.  3. Loose powder brush    Loose powder brush is mainly used to apply powdered cosmetics, and it will be more even to apply powdered products. Need to choose a particularly large and soft hair.  4. Foundation brush   The foundation brush can ensure a better fusion of the foundation and the skin. The foundation is easy to be uneven when the foundation is new, and the foundation brush can avoid uneven or thick foundation on the face.  5. High gloss brush    High gloss brush can be used for highlighting and trimming at the same time. Pay attention to buying a flame-shaped oval head. The round shape will be more convenient for highlighting.   The essential makeup brushes for beginners are mainly the above five. These five makeup brushes can meet the basic makeup needs. If you want to paint a more refined and perfect makeup, you can follow up with other makeup brushes.
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