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by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-22
The lip brush can flexibly adjust the local shade of the lips to draw a delicate lip shape. But how to use lip brush? Share with you how to use a lip brush correctly? Hope you like it! How to use the lip brush When applying lipstick, be sure to start from the bottom lip. In the drawn lip line, apply a little bit from the inside out evenly. After the lower lip is painted, apply the same method to the upper lip. Note 1. When applying lip gloss with a lip brush, do not use too much force, and do not let the brush head bend too much, so as not to fall off and break; 2. When using lipsticks of different colors, use a paper towel dipped in lip cleansing cream to wipe the lip brush carefully, and finally Wipe it over with a damp paper towel. Maintenance of lip brush The lip brush made of hair does not need to be cleaned frequently, otherwise the bristles will lose their elasticity. After each use, wipe off the lipstick remaining on the lip makeup brushes wholesale with a clean paper towel. When wiping the lip brush with a wet towel, pay attention to the strength, because too much force will cause the brush to shed hair, so it can only be wiped gently. If there is too much brush residue, use a special makeup brush cleaner mixed with water to soak for 2 minutes, then rinse with water and let it dry naturally. It is best to clean the lip brush made of silicone material after each use, because it is different from the brush, its main feature is that it does not absorb cream powder, easy to clean, can be washed directly with clean water, and then dried naturally. Classification of lip brushes The commonly used lip brushes mainly include mink hair lip brushes, nylon lip makeup brushes wholesale, horse hair lip brushes and silicone lip brushes. 1. Mink hair lip brush: excellent in polymerization, elasticity, and durability. The hair peak is fine and elastic. It is used for applying lipstick with high accuracy and smooth lines. It can depict delicate lip shapes. It is generally used for teaching and professional makeup; 2. Nylon lip brush: Made of high-grade synthetic fibers, the bristles have small gaps, high degree of polymerization, flat and long bristles, and the strength is relatively easy to grasp. When applying lipstick, it has high accuracy and smooth lines, and can depict delicate lip shapes. The disadvantage is that after a long time of use, the hair tip will appear curled. It can be used for teaching and professional makeup; 3. Horse hair lip brush: made of natural horse hair, soft and delicate, with a general degree of polymerization, but poor elasticity; 4. Silicone lip brush: made of food-grade silicone material, environmentally friendly and non-toxic Toxic and odorless, reusable, and easy to clean, compared to hair brushes, silicone lip makeup brushes wholesale are a little harder, but the lip liner effect is excellent. It is an emerging new material lip brush on the market. It has different shapes, such as heart shape, round head, pointed head, etc., which can be selected according to personal preferences. Lip brush usage tips Makeup partners: lipstick, lip gloss. Applying a double layer with a lip brush will give a more even appearance and give the lips a better hold and contour. Maintenance tips: Wipe the lip brush after use with a paper towel, or wash it with a detergent and then put it on the special drying rack for makeup brushes, and place it in a cool place. Do not store it in a place exposed to sunlight. If exposed to sunlight for a long time, hair will become rough. It can be properly maintained with conditioner to keep the brush soft and delicate, and more obedient when used.
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