Do the newly purchased makeup brushes need to be cleaned, and how should they be cleaned?

by:Suprabeauty     2023-04-19

The makeup brushes you just bought must be cleaned, because most of the makeup brushes are handmade, so there will be a few hairs that are not solid, or the attached fluff is not removed during the trimming process, which is what we call floating hairs. So MMs should clean the makeup brushes after buying them back. The following editor will introduce you how to clean makeup brushes!

Makeup brush cleaning method 1: Soap Wet a piece of soap in clean water, rub your dirty blush brush and foundation brush on the soap, press and rotate to clean the dirt. Then rinse the brush with warm water and blot dry with a paper towel. Tips: Do not let the brush stick get wet, otherwise the bristles of the brush may become loose and fall off. Makeup brush cleaning method 2: kitchen sponge plus detergent, pour a little detergent on the sponge, use a brush to repeatedly brush the sponge several times, wash with warm water, and wipe off the remaining dirt with a clean towel or cotton cloth objects, then lay the brush flat to dry. Makeup brush cleaning method three: olive oil Because both eye makeup and lip makeup are oily, and oil and oil are compatible, olive oil is very suitable for cleaning small eye and lip makeup brushes. In addition, olive oil has a softening and conditioning effect on the mane. How to do it: Dip the bristles of a makeup brush with olive oil, then press onto a sponge to wipe, and after a while, you'll see any clumps of make-up left on the brush come off. Makeup brush cleaning method four: water + detergent 1. Soak the eye shadow brush with clean water and let it fully soak. Then take out the purchased special makeup brush cleaner, squeeze out an appropriate amount of cleaner and drop it on the eye shadow brush. 2. Gently press the eye shadow brush with your fingers to squeeze out the makeup and dirt on the eye shadow brush, and then wash it. Repeat the steps of pressing and washing until the makeup and dirt are completely removed. 3. Finally, rinse the eye shadow brush with cleanser, dirt, etc., then use a clean towel to dry the moisture in the eye shadow brush, and then lay it flat on the towel and wait for it to dry naturally before putting it away.

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