Do I need to wash the foundation brush? Do I need to wash the foundation brush every time I use it?

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-09
When we put on the foundation, in addition to using the makeup egg, we also use a foundation brush. The makeup effect of the foundation brush is also very good, but the foundation brush is also very powder-absorbing, so the question is, should the foundation brush be washed?   Foundation brush does not need to be cleaned every time you use it. Because most of the foundation brushes have strong gripping power, applying on the skin can make the liquid foundation fully adhere to the skin, and there is very little foundation left on the foundation brush, so basically using the foundation brush within a week will not affect the makeup. And the skin has a great impact. The correct cleaning frequency of the foundation brush is generally to be cleaned once a week.   The foundation brush does not need to be washed every time you use it, because cleaning the foundation brush every day will damage the bristles. Some foundation brushes are made of chemical fiber. High-frequency cleaning will cause the bristles of the foundation brush to explode. You may not be able to grasp the liquid foundation when you use it. Frequent cleaning of the foundation brush requires a lot of detergent, which will affect the foundation. The service life of the brush is completely enough to wash the foundation brush once a week, but the less washing the foundation brush, the better. If you do not wash the foundation brush for a long time, it will accumulate too many bacteria to contact the skin. It will always be used on the face. Have a bad effect on the skin. So if you buy a new foundation brush, you must wash it again before using it. If it is a foundation brush that has been used by hi, you can clean the makeup residue and bacteria on it within a certain period of time. After cleaning, it can be placed in a cool and dry place to dry. . Be sure not to dry the bristles of the foundation brush upwards, or wipe the bristles back and forth on a paper towel, which will affect the health of the bristles.  When cleaning the foundation brush, you can put the foundation brush into the cup of detergent and water and stir gently to clean the foundation brush. Although the makeup remover can also wash the foundation brush, it will be cleaner and safer to wash with a professional cleaner.   The above is the answer of the editor, I hope it can help everyone!
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