Do I need to wash my foundation brush every day? How often do I wash my foundation brush?

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-09
Friends who have the habit of applying makeup with brushes use foundation brushes almost every day. Those who love to clean will ask, do you need to wash foundation brushes every day?   Although we often use the foundation brush, we don't need to wash it every day. The correct habit is to wash it once a week. The foundation brush has a strong ability to grasp the powder. When applying makeup, the foundation can fully adhere to the skin. In fact, there is very little foundation left on the foundation brush. Bacteria is not easy to breed in a dry environment. There is no effect if it is not washed for a few days. .   Why do you not need to wash the foundation brush every day? There is no benefit in cleaning the foundation brush too frequently. The foundation brush is made of animal hair and chemical fiber hair. No matter which material is washed frequently, it will fry the hair. Damage to the hair material will affect the service life, greatly shorten the use time, and reduce the powder grasping ability.   The frequency of washing the foundation brush once a week is appropriate, not too often or not for too long without washing. A foundation brush that is used for a long time but is not washed will accumulate a lot of foundation residues and breed a lot of bacteria. Using it on the face will have a bad effect on the skin. It is best to wash the newly bought foundation brush before using it to wash away the dust and residual materials in the production. The foundation brush that is being used is washed once a week. After washing, wrap the brush head with a towel or wet wipe and gently press to absorb the moisture, and hang it to dry in a cool and ventilated place. Do not rub the towel repeatedly with the bristles. The bristles are very fragile when wet and will be damaged by friction.  When washing the foundation brush, put the brush head into a small cup containing a special cleaning liquid, shake it back and forth, and then wash the brush clean without spending a lot of effort. There is no cleansing liquid that can be replaced with makeup remover, but it is not as gentle as the cleansing liquid.   To sum up, do not wash the foundation brush every day, just wash it once a week.
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