Do I need to clean the foundation brush every day? How often do I need to clean the foundation brush?

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-09
In the daily makeup process, if you want to make a perfect base makeup, you must have the auxiliary credit of makeup tools. The base makeup created with professional makeup tools is more docile and more natural; so daily use makeup tools The frequency is relatively high, and the most commonly used makeup tools are foundation brushes, makeup eggs and powder puffs. Since the number of times of use is large, the makeup tools will definitely become dirty. If they become dirty, they need to be cleaned. If you do not clean your makeup brush for a long time, the accumulated makeup will remain on it for a long time, which is very easy to cause makeup. Tools breed bacteria, black hair and mold, especially in the south when they return to the south, they even grow mold; do you dare to use such dirty makeup tools? How often should it be cleaned? How should it be cleaned? Do I need to clean it every day? Let’s talk about the foundation brush as an example.   Why do you need to clean the foundation brush regularly? Frequent cleaning of the foundation brush will not only make it look like a new one, but also make a good-looking makeup look with full marks, and will greatly extend the service life of the brush; even professional makeup artists recommend this, if you If you need makeup every day and you need to use the foundation brush at least once a day, then you need to clean the foundation brush regularly at least once a week. Another point is that the foundation brush does not need to be cleaned once a day. There are two main reasons for this. The first reason is that the quality of the foundation brush is generally relatively strong. Use a foundation brush Applying makeup generally allows the liquid foundation to fully adhere to the face. After the makeup is applied, the foundation brush will not leave too much liquid foundation, and it will not even eat powder by the tool itself like powder puffs and makeup eggs, so once There will be relatively less liquid foundation remaining on the foundation brush. Because of this, the foundation brush only needs to be cleaned once a week. The second reason is to wash the foundation brush every time you use it. It will be cleaner to clean, but this will greatly reduce the service life of the foundation brush; cleaning the foundation brush very frequently will cause the foundation brush to be brushed. The head part is always in a state of moist and high water content, which can easily cause the glue on the head of the foundation brush to fall off. In this case, a good brush will be ruined.   What should I pay attention to when cleaning the foundation brush? I think the following points should be paid attention to when cleaning the foundation brush. The first thing to note is that during the cleaning process, just damp the brush head of the foundation brush. Never rinse the brush handle directly, especially the connection between the bristles and the brush handle, otherwise the presence of water for a long time will easily cause the bristles It will become loose and start to fall off slowly. The second is the need to pay attention to the state of use of the foundation brush. The foundation brush has no shelf life. As long as it does not affect the use, it does not need to be replaced. It only needs to be cleaned regularly and can be reused. But if the foundation brush starts to shed hair, then it is a reminder. I got a new foundation brush. It is recommended that you choose a foundation brush of better quality and price within the acceptable range, so that it is convenient to use, can make the makeup uniform, will not affect the health of the skin, and does not irritate the skin; and the use time will be relatively longer .
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