Do foundation brushes need to be cleaned every time? How often is it appropriate to wash it? -

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-17
Do foundation brushes need to be cleaned every time? How often is it appropriate to wash it? In fact, the foundation brush does not need to be cleaned every time it is used. The correct cleaning frequency of the foundation brush is generally once a week. Because most foundation brushes have strong powder-holding power, the liquid foundation can fully adhere to the skin when used on the skin, and there is very little foundation left on the foundation brush, so basically using the foundation brush within a week will not cause any damage. Has a great makeup impact. But if the foundation brush is cleaned every day, it will also have a certain impact on the foundation brush. Some foundation brushes are made of chemical fiber. Such foundation makeup brushes wholesale are easy to be frizzed due to high-frequency cleaning. When grasping powder, they may not be able to grasp the liquid foundation, and frequent cleaning of foundation brushes requires the use of dedicated brushes. Cleaning agents may also affect the service life of the foundation brush. Therefore, cleaning the foundation brush once a week is completely sufficient. The less you clean the foundation makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale, the better. If you don’t wash the foundation brush for a long time, it will breed a lot of bacteria because it often touches the skin. It is always harmful to the skin if it is always used on the face. Influence. Therefore, if it is a newly purchased foundation brush, it should be cleaned once before use, and the foundation brush that has been used can clean the makeup residue and bacteria on it within a certain period of time. After cleaning, it can be placed in a cool and dry place to dry. The bristles of the makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale brush and wipe vigorously back and forth on the paper towel, which may affect the health of the bristles. When cleaning the foundation brush, you can put the foundation makeup brushes wholesale into the makeup remover and stir back and forth, or you can clean the foundation brush, but it is best to use a special cleaning agent for the foundation brush to clean it more cleanly and safely.
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