Do face washes really work? How to choose? -

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-18
Washing your face is a big deal. Now more and more people use facial cleansing brushes. Do face washes really work? Then in fact, the face brush is indeed cleaner than hand washing, but there are many precautions when using it. If you don't know these, it may hurt our skin. Fairies who use facial cleansing brushes must take a look! 1. Choose a makeup brushes wholesale with soft bristles. When you buy a face wash brush, you must choose a brush with soft bristles, because if the bristles are too hard, it will cause great damage to our skin. Soft hair is more suitable for our face, and the skin will not feel uncomfortable when massaging. Especially for electric facial cleansing brushes, be sure to buy a makeup brushes wholesale head that suits your skin. 2. Facial cleansing brushes should not be used every day. It is not recommended that you use facial cleansing makeup brushes wholesale every day, especially those with sensitive skin. Using a face brush every day can easily make our skin fragile and sensitive. It is generally recommended that you use it when you are wearing heavy makeup. If you don't have makeup, just wash it by hand. 3. Air-dry the facial cleansing brush after use. After the facial cleansing brush is used up, be sure to rinse it with clean water, and then put the facial cleansing brush outside to dry. Don't put it in a humid environment, it is easy to breed bacteria. The editor knows that many people put it directly on the sink after using the face brush, so your face brush is actually very dirty. Washing your face with it will only make your face worse and worse. Under normal circumstances, the facial cleansing makeup brushes wholesale needs to be replaced within three months, don't use it for too long!
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