Diagram of usage of 12 makeup brushes

by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-08
The usage diagram of 12 makeup brushes, 12 makeup brushes belong to the makeup brush set series, generally 12 makeup brush sets include: loose powder brush, foundation brush, contour brush, blush brush, highlight brush, nose shadow brush, concealer brush , eye shadow brush, smudge brush, eye tail brush, lip brush, eyebrow powder brush. The purpose of each brush is not fixed. You can use it according to your needs. Let's take a look at the usage of makeup brushes. 1. What kind of makeup makeup brushes wholesale do beginners need? 01. Loose powder brush The one with the largest brush head. Dip in the makeup product and apply it evenly on the face in circular motion or massage. 02. Foundation brush With a round or flat brush head, apply the foundation product on the face and spread it evenly with the foundation brush. 03. Contouring brush The brush head is beveled, which is very convenient for contouring. Dip in powdery cosmetics and brush evenly on the lower cheekbones and cheeks. 04. The brush head of the blush brush is round to create a lovely apple skin. Dip in the powder blush product and brush evenly on both cheeks. 05. The highlight brush is used for partial brightening. area and cheekbones. 06. Nose shadow brush It is used to outline the three-dimensional bridge of the nose, dipped in the shadow powder, and brushed on the roots and sides of the nose. 07. Concealer brush The brush head is very thin, and it is used to repair small blemishes. Dip in the concealer and dab it on the concealer. 08. Basic eye shadow brush The largest one in the eye shadow brush is used to base the eye shadow. Dip in the base color of the eye shadow and apply it evenly on the eyelid. 09. Smudge brush The eye shadow brush with a round head will make the eye makeup more natural. Dip in the dark eye shadow and smudge on the eye socket. 10. Eye end brush The pointed eye end brush is used to delicately depict the end of the eye, pick up the darkest eye shadow, and embellish it on the end of the eye. 11. Eyebrow powder brush Dip in eyebrow powder, outline the eyebrow shape and then fill. 12. Lip makeup brushes wholesale: A small, harder brush head is used to fill in lip color, dip in lipstick, outline lip shape and then fill. 2. How to choose a makeup brush for beginners 1. It is not recommended to buy a single makeup brush by patchwork. It is best to buy a set to make makeup skills more comprehensive and systematic. 2. Makeup brushes are mainly divided into animal bristles and man-made fiber bristles. It is not recommended for beginners to buy animal bristles. Makeup brushes are consumables and are not environmentally friendly for beginners to practice. The artificial bristles are now very well made. The bristles are soft and have a strong powder grip, so novices can apply makeup quickly. 3. Maintenance of makeup brushes Makeup brushes must be cleaned frequently, not only to make the makeup surface cleaner but also to prevent acne. Cleaning method: Generally, warm water can be used. Gently wash with fingers or cleaning tools in the same direction. Rinse until the water is clean.
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