Cosmetic brush processing steps and cosmetic brush process explanation-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-02
The processing steps of cosmetic makeup brushes wholesale and the process of cosmetic brushes are explained. At present, the brands of cosmetic brushes are dazzling, but what we don't know is that many brands of cosmetic brushes are OEMs, just like Xiaomi mobile phones are all OEMs. Rather than delving into it yourself, it is more cost-effective to entrust it to an experienced third party. So what we are going to talk about today is the production of cosmetic brushes. The production process of cosmetic brushes is generally divided into three links: the production of cosmetic brush handles, the production of hair heads, and the bonding of hair heads and handles. The following content will be divided into these three parts. . 1. Manufacturing of cosmetic brush handle 1. Material selection of cosmetic brush handle Cosmetic brush handles generally choose acrylic materials, aluminum and wood, etc. Cosmetic makeup brushes wholesale handles are generally made of birch, and ebony, Zambian blood sandalwood and other denser textures are also used. High-quality wood (this kind of wood will generally not be painted, but the surface will be polished to keep the sandalwood fragrance, which is less done). The handles of the makeup brushes used to meet the needs of the public are made of birch and acrylic materials. 2. Wooden handle cutting of cosmetic brushes The wooden handles of cosmetic brushes of the same style are usually cut in the same batch. The cutting machine adjusts the size and spacing of the relevant knives, and can quickly cut out the wooden handle materials at one time. Our existing cosmetic brush handles with different diameters, lengths and shapes are all completed in this link. 3. Primer the wooden handle of the cosmetic brush (the first coat) There are two ways to paint the handle of a wooden cosmetic brush - stirring and soaking. The first varnish method is to stir and varnish. The surface of the wooden handle of the same type will be fully fused with the paint in the mixer, avoiding the air bubbles generated by the first varnish directly on the handle. 4. Cosmetic brush handle top paint (soaking paint-colored paint) There is a sequence of top paint, the color paint (usually black, the specific color can be matched according to customer requirements) first, and then the transparent paint. After the first coat of paint is finished, the workshop master will take out the wooden handles and nail them evenly to a wooden board one by one (note: the end of the wooden handle of the cosmetic brush that contacts the nozzle is nailed to the nail), and then The wooden plank is stuck in the machine frame upside down and soaked vertically downward. After the wooden handle is soaked and colored once, it will be removed and air-dried, and the smell of the paint will be reduced accordingly. Repeatedly soaking the colored paint 7-8 times will complete the process. 5. Cosmetic handle top coat (soaking paint-transparent paint) After the last colored paint is air-dried, the transparent paint will be applied, and the transparent paint will be applied 2-3 times. The machine process is the same as that of the colored paint. 2. Production of cosmetic brush heads The cosmetic brushes are basically made of real animal hair such as wool and horse hair, and man-made fiber hair can be used according to customer's customized requirements. Wool (the best thin light peak is about 1,800 yuan per kilogram), horse hair (200-400 yuan per kilogram), squirrel hair (about 10,000 yuan per kilogram), mink hair (about 18,000 to 22,000 yuan per kilogram) kg) and other real wool. 1. Selection and proportioning of wool In terms of wool proportioning, for example, we need to make brushes made of fine light peaks and squirrel hairs in proportion, and the wool supplier will be responsible for this wool proportioning. In most brush factories, the wool ratio is outsourced to the wool supplier or the master who mixes the wool, but there are professional masters who are responsible for the process. 2. The production of the hair head (pocket hair head type) After the hair selection and the ratio are determined, the hair is arranged on the table, and then placed in a transparent hair head shaping container (note: the peak of the hair is facing down, and the shape of the hair is determined) ), pick it up and put it down, and shake it repeatedly 6-8 times until the hair head is shaped. We use different types of hair shape containers for different shapes and sizes of hair. Qinglin has a special molding workshop to make hair shape containers, so the shape of hair can be customized. 3. The production of the hair head (mouth tube group hair head) After the hair head is shaped, tie the hair head with fine wool, put the hair head in the ring-shaped plastic sleeve mold, and use the plastic sleeve mold to introduce the hair head into the mouth. Inside the tube, keep the well-shaped hair, and then use the tail of the cotton swab to push the hair head out of the mouth tube, and then use the machine to tie the mouth tube until the mouth tube is pressed, and the hair head is fixed in the mouth tube. 4. Production of wool head (sieving and hair trimming type) After the hair head mouth tube is fixed and formed, use a special wool sieve to sieve the hair back and forth, and sieve the hair that is easy to fall out. Get rid of easy-to-fall hair. After the wool is sieved, the shape of the hair head will be trimmed with a knife. 3. Adhesive bonding of makeup brush head and handle 1. Adhesive: It is made of fine iron powder and AB resin. For mouth tubes with different diameters, AB glue will be used to match iron powder with different particle sizes. The larger the mouth tube, the larger the iron powder particles. 2. Operation of the gluing link After the adhesive is prepared, put it into a creamy cone-shaped plastic bag, and cut the cone-shaped bag with scissors. Squeeze the adhesive into the nozzle along the wall of the nozzle first, then slowly press the handle on the inlet pipe, and turn it moderately to make the adhesive clamp the nozzle and the handle, and after a period of time, the finished product is finished. As a professional cosmetic brush custom processing manufacturer, it has gone through countless trials and customers' trust to come to today. The content of the cosmetic brush processing steps and cosmetic brush process explanation shared today is here. 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