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by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-07
If you don't take good care of a good makeup brushes wholesale, it will not only be a pity for the makeup brushes wholesale but also a waste of money. Therefore, the cleaning and care of makeup makeup brushes wholesale is also a very important lesson. Let's talk about brush cleaning first. Cleaning Some brushes do not need to be cleaned every time they are used up, such as shadow brushes and blush brushes, but foundation makeup brushes wholesale, eye shadow brushes and lip makeup brushes wholesale are required to be cleaned every time they are used up. Method 1: Use a special cleaning agent for cosmetic brushes. Now there are many special cleaning agents for cosmetic brushes on the market. Just buy a bottle and you can easily solve the problem. How to clean it specifically? You can use a basin or a cup, or a cleaning pad sold on the market to clean it. If you use a basin or a cup, you can first immerse the makeup brushes wholesale in the water, then pick it up, then add a drop of water and a small amount of cleaning agent to the container, put the brush in and stir it twice, and it will basically be cleaned. , and finally rinse with water. If you don't have any tools, don't worry, your hands are good tools. This method of saving money and environmental protection is worthy of praise~ After the makeup brush is stained with cleaning agent, put five fingers together, add some water, then rub the makeup brush on the finger in the direction of the bristles, and rinse it with water when it is almost clean. Very easy!
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