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by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-27
Novice Xiaobai only has sponge eggs or air cushion puffs when applying makeup, and uses the small brushes that come with the cosmetics to get things done hastily. No matter how you change it, you can't get the feeling of a beauty blogger. Don't think it's because you are stupid, it may be that there is something wrong with the tools. Professional bloggers and makeup artists have a lot of brushes. After reading this article, you will avoid detours and spend less money when purchasing makeup brushes. Cosmetic brush general dry goods science how to judge the quality of the brush. The easiest way to judge whether a makeup brush is good or bad is to judge by the hair peak. The longer the peaks, the better the brush. So what is Maofeng? Put the makeup brush under the sun and observe, the translucent part at the top of the brush is the hair peak. The pointed part of the top of the hair is the hair peak, and the even thickness part below is the hair root. When we put on makeup, the most direct contact with cosmetics and the face is Maofeng. The difference between fiber hair and animal hair. The powder-holding power and smudge effect of fiber hair are poor, and the hair is only different in thickness and length. In terms of material, whether it is plant fiber or bionic fiber, it is similar in use. Therefore, it is recommended to choose foundation brushes, concealer brushes, lip brushes, etc. for fiber hair. These brushes do not need to touch powdery cosmetics. Eye brushes have a large smudging requirement, and it is recommended to choose animal hair makeup brushes. Another feature of fiber hair is that it is very comfortable to use, it does not pierce the face at all, and it is very soft. Therefore, many merchants will make the fiber brushes big and fluffy, with a very good texture. Animal hair brushes have good elasticity, strong powder grasping power, good smudging ability, and good makeup effects. But it is more or less irritating to the face, and it is not so skin-friendly to use. The stronger the powder-holding power, the better the blending power of the brush, it must be a little bit sticky. Several types of animal hair that are commonly available include horse hair, chinchilla hair, squirrel hair, and goat hair. Among them, goat hair is the most common material for makeup brushes, which are subdivided into coarse light peaks, medium light peaks, fine light peaks, white peaks, and yellow peaks. According to the previous Maofeng principle, Xiguangfeng wool is the most high-grade. Compared with other qualities, the hair is thinner and softer. The scales of its natural hair make it strong in powder grasping. It is the best among wool makeup brushes. The price Also higher. Horse hair has the strongest powder-holding power among animal hairs, but has the worst skin feeling, because the hair is hard and sticks to the face. Squirrel hair and squirrel hair are soft and belong to high-grade hair. Compared with horse hair and wool, the powder-holding power is weaker, but it is enough for daily makeup. In addition, there are roe deer hair, fox hair and other high-grade hair, which can be used to make makeup brushes, but these products are relatively expensive, and the selling price is also relatively expensive. The makeup effect is not significantly different from the common ones mentioned above. Nozzles and handles for cosmetic brushes. The nozzle of the makeup brush is the metal part that connects the bristles and the handle, and is generally divided into two types: copper and aluminum. Copper is stronger, heavier, and more expensive. Cheaper brushes generally use aluminum nozzles, which are lightweight but thinner, and brushes with flat nozzles may crack. The brush handle is mainly according to personal preference, both plastic, wood and metal. The plastic ones are fashionable and light, and can be made into rich shapes, while the wooden and metal ones have a more advanced texture. Care of brushes Daily maintenance of makeup brushes. After each use, brushes that have been dipped in cream and liquid products need to be cleaned, otherwise the residual cosmetics contain moisture or oil, which is easy to breed bacteria. Unwashed brushes will contaminate cosmetics when they are used again, and bacteria will be brought to the face, leading to skin allergies, acne, and closed mouth. The same is true for beauty sponges. It is good for the skin to wash the tools that directly contact the skin frequently. that have been dipped in powder cosmetics do not need to be washed every time, because such brushes are usually animal hair, and excessive cleaning will damage them. Take a clean paper towel, use a makeup brush to brush on the paper towel, and wipe off the powdery makeup. When using dark and light-colored brushes, they should be separated to avoid cross-color. that are not used for a long time are recommended to be placed in a cosmetic bag, and the bristles should be smoothed to avoid deformation and dust on the bristles. Don't throw away the net cover that comes with the makeup brushes wholesale when you buy it. Cover it well every time you collect the brush, wrap the bristles well, and avoid the makeup brushes wholesale from being squeezed, deformed and fried. Precautions for cleaning makeup brushes. The lazy way is to buy a makeup brush dry cleaning sponge. A dry-cleaning sponge only needs to be rubbed on the brush to clean it. Many brands have professional makeup makeup brushes wholesale cleaners. In fact, if the brushes are not very expensive, our usual facial cleanser, shower gel, and shampoo can also be washed. When washing the brush, be sure to put the brush down, and try not to soak the cleaning agent over the metal part. Gently wash off the makeup with your hands, then rinse with running water. Finish by drying or shaking the bristles with the bristles facing down to dry. During the whole process, don't let the water flow back into the brush rod, otherwise the metal nozzle will be easily deformed and cracked. There are many gadgets on Taobao that are highly recommended. The makeup brush auxiliary cleaner can not only wash the brushes, but also wash the beauty sponge, which is cleaner and more convenient than washing by hand. Auxiliary shelf for drying brushes, very cheap and easy to use, helps makeup brushes wholesale to dry upright.
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