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by:Suprabeauty     2023-03-07
Whether it is a celebrity supermodel or us who love beauty in our daily life, we always have a few beloved makeup brushes in our hands. All kinds of makeup brushes not only have high value, but also apply makeup evenly, softly and naturally, with clear outlines and strong three-dimensional effect, which are difficult to replace by other beauty tools. But do you know how those small cosmetic makeup brushes wholesale were born? The production process of cosmetic brushes is very complicated and rigorous, and many of the processes can only be operated by skilled masters, and machines cannot be made for them. After careful observation, it is not difficult to find that various brushes such as loose powder brushes, eye shadow brushes, eyebrow brushes, and foundation brushes, no matter how the shape and color change, a brush is generally divided into three parts: the brush head, the tube head, and the brush handle. . It can be deduced from this that the manufacturing process of the cosmetic brush is mainly divided into four steps: the production of the brush head; the production of the tube head; the production of the brush handle; The production of the brush head The makeup brushes wholesale head is the core part of the whole brush. The material of the brush head is mainly divided into animal hair and fiber hair. Animal hair is soft and delicate, and the fiber hair becomes smoother with the development of technology, and it does not prick the face, is environmentally friendly, and the price is affordable. The production process of the brush head is difficult and has many processes, which are roughly divided into pounding, combing, pier cup, thread winding, shaving, hair conditioning, and glue injection. There are strict standards for the amount of bristles in each brush, too much or too little will affect the experience of using the brush. In order to ensure the accuracy of the weight, each pinch of bristles must be weighed, and only those whose weight reaches the standard can enter the next link. Comb After weighing, the bristles are slightly messy and need to be combed again so that each bristle faces the same direction to make it neat and smooth. Dun cup into the cup. In the process of piercing, it is necessary to put the neatly combed bristles into the cup. Although it seems so light, there is a lot of knowledge in it, and no skilled craftsman can do it. Even the largest makeup brushes will not have a lot of bristles, and the fingers are not easy to hold, and they are easy to loosen. Weigh the cup. That is, pinch the cup with your fingers and tap it on the flat table continuously to let the bristles take shape. During this process, special attention is paid to the control of strength, just the right force can make the bristles more symmetrical and rich in layers. Winding In order to prevent the pier's hair from spreading out and deforming, it is necessary to use a thin wire to wind it several times by hand until it is tightly trapped. Shaving After winding the thread, use manual and machine shaving, so that a more complete shape of the brush head can be obtained. Each makeup brushes wholesale head is shaped by the master with a fast-turning razor. This is definitely technical work. Hair adjustment As the name suggests, hair adjustment is to adjust the fine hairs on the brush head, so as to strictly ensure that the hair on the brush head is smooth and smooth from the details. Glue injection After confirming that the hair head is flawless, inject adhesive glue into the pipe head to fix the hair head and the pipe head. In terms of glue selection, yellow glue imported from South Korea is generally used, which does not melt when exposed to water. The production of the tube head The tube head is generally divided into two materials: copper tube and aluminum tube. The copper tube is relatively thick, full in color, not easy to deform and corrode, and has a better texture. As for the color, style, size can be customized. Each nozzle will be manually screened before use, and the nozzles with color defects and scratches will be eliminated. Qualified nozzles are wrapped with plastic paper to prevent scratches during the production process. There are many types of brush handles, but the main ones are acrylic, bamboo, wooden, and metal. Among the wooden poles, birch is the most common. After being designed into the shape of a brush pole, it needs to be painted several times. Splicing brush holder The makeup brushes wholesale holder is spliced ​​by skilled craftsmen to ensure that the connection is smooth and easy to hold, stable and firm, even if the nozzle and the brush holder cannot be separated by deliberate violence, such a brush can be called a good brush. The finished brushes are usually ventilated for 7-10 days, and then they need to be wiped and broken to check whether there are any distorted or loose brushes. Those with problems will be eliminated and will not be released from the factory. Isn't it amazing that a small brush contains the wisdom and hard work of many workers?
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