Cleaning the makeup brushes in this way can make the makeup brushes more durable

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-16
Many people don't know how to clean makeup brushes is the correct way. Let's talk about how to clean makeup brushes to make makeup brushes more durable. Washing method of makeup brushes: There are generally two kinds of cleaning of makeup brushes, washing and dry cleaning. Usually the frequency of dry cleaning is relatively high, but washing with water is a more thorough way to clean tools. Items to be used: 1. Professional lotion. I use cheap and easy-to-use Japanese Daiso lotion. There are two types of makeup brushes wholesale and puffs. MAC also has a brush wash that is said to work well too. 2. Any makeup brush that can be washed with water. What I clean is my usual foundation brush. 1. Washing method: Generally speaking, cosmetic brushes need to be washed to remove floating hair and dirt after buying them, and then the washing frequency is about once a month. But as far as my personal habits are concerned, I wash the foundation brush with water once a week at most, and then let it rest for at least a week, during which I change to other brushes or sponges for foundation. Because I feel that after using wet cosmetics, it is easier to breed bacteria. When cleaning, be careful not to get water on the connection between the handle and the brush head. If you do not pay attention, it may become degummed after a long time. I used to have a Tarte contouring brush that was degummed and broken. Animal hair brush Note that if the bristles are animal hair, they must be cleaned with professional lotion, otherwise the brush will be washed and fried. Rinse with warm water in the direction of the bristles. 1. Squeeze the lotion into a container, dip the makeup brushes wholesale in the lotion and then brush back and forth on the egg wash. You can also squeeze the lotion directly onto the egg wash, and then brush. If you don't have a scrub egg, just gently brush it back and forth on your hands. 2. Until the color of the liquid foundation cannot be seen by brushing, and the liquid foundation sticking to the root of the bristles cannot be seen when the bristles are opened. 3. Rinse with warm water along the direction of the bristles. 4. Use a paper towel to absorb the water from the bristles, and do not twist it when you press it. I use kitchen paper with better water absorption. 2. Artificial hair brushes The method is the same as washing animal hair brushes, except that the cleaning agent is changed to a puff-specific one. Because the wool brush detergent is relatively mild, it is difficult to clean artificial hair brushes. Synthetic brushes can also be washed with silicone-free shampoo or baby shampoo. 1. Rinse the bristles with warm water, and be careful not to touch the joint of the brush handle. 2. Pour the lotion into the container, pour the lotion, then dip the bristles into the lotion and brush back and forth on the scrub egg. 3. Rinse with water, and then repeat the previous steps until no dirt can be removed, and then rinse with water. Blot the water off the brush with paper towels. Drying method: Use scissors to cut the protective net of cosmetic brushes to a suitable length, and put them on the brush. Be careful not to lay the brush flat when drying it. It needs to be hung up like this, with the bristles facing down. I used a sponge to make a small tool to hang the makeup brushes wholesale, because I wash less brushes each time, so I didn’t put in a brush rack. If you need it, you can go to Taobao to make a summary: washing with water is the cleanest way to wash. Daiso lotion is also more affordable, and the method is simple. Just find time to wash it once on the weekend. There are many kinds of cosmetic brushes, and the quality and hair quality are also different. Some cosmetic brushes have more expensive bristles and may require careful cleaning. Just be careful not to pull out the hairs on the cosmetic brushes, because cosmetic brushes have a lot of hairs After wearing it, it is easy to cause relaxation, and the makeup brush can only be scrapped over time. After reading the whole content of cleaning the makeup brush to make the makeup makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale more durable, I don’t know if you have learned it. Friends who haven't learned it yet can pay more attention to the dynamics.
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