Cleaning and maintenance of makeup tools cannot be discarded. Improper maintenance may damage the skin

by:Suprabeauty     2023-04-18

Makeup brushes, powder puffs, eyelash curlers, and even hair removal tools are all handy items for your daily makeup and grooming. If you neglect to clean them, not only will they not be able to perform their due functions, but they may even damage your skin. If you don’t want your grooming gadgets to become dirty due to improper maintenance and lazy care, then do it now and give them regular SPA according to the following methods. Makeup brushes When carrying brushes out, be sure to place them in a special brush bag to ensure that each brush can be well protected. During the makeup process, if you need to clean the brush immediately, you can use the brush cleaning spray to lightly spray on the bristles, and then use a paper towel to absorb the excess water. After the spray evaporates, you can continue to use the brush. Every month, use a special brush cleaner to clean the brush once. After cleaning, you can use a towel or paper towel to absorb the water; place the brush flat to dry naturally, and try to let the bristles stick out of the surrounding plane (such as the edge of the table) to prevent brushing The head is deformed by extrusion. NOTE: Never use a hair dryer to dry the bristles, as pulling and trimming can damage them.

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