Classification of makeup brushes

by:Suprabeauty     2023-04-18

Foundation Brush

Many professional makeup masters use a foundation brush to apply foundation, because the foundation produced by the foundation brush will be more transparent and bright without feeling heavy. It can prevent the foundation from over-absorbing or remaining in the fine lines, resulting in dry and multi-lined old skin feeling. The foundation brush is chosen correctly, and it is a good foundation for the creation of the entire makeup. The foundation brush can be selected according to the following points: the density of the bristles should be tight, the bristles should be harder, and the bristles should be obliquely trapezoidal. Choose a brush with better bristle elasticity. The material is best to choose mink hair or synthetic fiber.

As mentioned just now, artificial fur is a hard texture, and it is more used for foundation brushes. The main reason is that the artificial hair foundation brush does not absorb water and has a high degree of extensibility, which is also the advantage of artificial bristles. It does not absorb water, so the liquid foundation can be completely used up, and it will not stick to our bristles and cause waste.

concealer brush

As the name suggests, the concealer brush is used to apply concealer products to the areas that need to be covered, such as spots, acne marks, dark circles and so on. It can help you to build the details. Usually used in conjunction with a foundation brush, using a concealer brush can make the concealer effect more even and natural.

powder brush

The loose powder brush will have a more uniform, more natural and soft effect than the powder puff, and the loose powder brush will also save loose powder. The loose powder brush is also an important tool for most makeup artists. Attention when purchasing: gently comb down with your fingers to check whether the bristles fall off; lightly press the brush on the back of the hand, draw a semicircle, check whether the bristles are neat, blow the bristles with hot air from a hair dryer, and keep the original shape as animal hair. Shaped crimps are man-made fibers.

blush brush

A good blush brush can make your blush look more natural, rather than a hard red. The long and soft bristles can apply blush without damaging the base makeup, and can be applied to blush, contour color and other large areas. The angled blush brush with the oblique shape of the brush head is better to use.

Note on choosing a blush brush: Common blush brushes include horse hair blush brushes and wool brushes. Generally, we will choose soft, medium-sized round brushes or flat brushes. Animal hair is the first choice for bristles, which are very soft and more comfortable to use. The overall brush should be thick and light.

Eye shadow brush

Eyeshadow brushes can show soft colors, and can be subdivided into many different models according to their functions. If you don’t know how to choose, it is recommended to choose one large, medium and small eye shadow brush first. The large brush is used to apply light-colored eyeshadow as a base, the medium brush can be used to modify the eyes more carefully, and the small brush is used Detailing eyeshadow, especially one with a tight, angled brush, can be used to enhance the contours of the eyes. The bristles of eyeshadow brushes are generally divided into three types: pony hair, goat hair and mink hair. The first two are the most common, and the price is moderate. Mink hair is the best, soft and durable after washing, and is also the most expensive.

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