Can powder be applied to the lips? Brush or puff for powder

by:Suprabeauty     2021-12-14
Loose powder can be used with a brush or powder puff, both can have a good makeup effect, mainly depends on personal habits and preferences. Let's take a look at it in detail below! In daily life, honey powder is a relatively common make-up product, which can play a very good cosmetic effect and is deeply loved by people. So is the powder brush or the powder puff?

The powder brush or the powder puff

The powder is actually very flexible. It can be used after liquid foundation or after makeup. The tools are different. 、Different techniques will produce different effects. For example, when loose powder is applied with a powder puff, the matte makeup effect will be enhanced with a makeup brush. So, even if the powder on your hand is equipped with makeup tools, don’t give up the chance to try something new~~

Generally, the powder will have to wait for the liquid foundation to dry slightly before applying makeup, so that it looks more Delicate and smooth,

The brush is thin and natural, and the brush is smooth and shiny, suitable for dry skin;

The puff is even, not easy to shine, and it will absorb it. Oil content is more suitable for oily skin.

Can powder be used on the lips?

The powder can make the lip makeup longer. After applying lipstick, cover the lips with a paper towel, and then dip a small amount of powder on the paper towel and pass it through the paper towel. The fiber layer can play a long-lasting makeup setting and increase the matte texture effect of lip makeup.

There is actually no big difference in the price range of honey powder. Its influence on makeup effect depends more on the makeup technique and makeup tools. Some people feel that the powder is dry, but in fact, she took it too much. Some people may feel the skin peeling, which may be because the makeup brush is not light enough to fix the makeup.

Basic usage of the powder

First step: After the overall makeup, sweep the powder under the frontal bone and spread it out in a large area.

Step 2: Sweep the powder on the forehead, bridge of nose, chin and cheeks to lengthen the visual experience.

Step 3: Finally, press on the corners of the eyes and the corners of the mouth to make the powder more suitable for the skin.

Tips for using powder to prevent dark eyeshadow from smudging the base makeup

When applying eyeshadow, more or less some powder of eyeshadow will fall under the eyes, apply honey in advance Powder, even if the powder explodes while painting the eyeshadow, it will not make the foundation makeup dirty. Apply the powder thickly under the eyes and above the cheekbones. Be sure to use the powder brush instead of the powder puff. This way, you can put on the eyeshadow with peace of mind. After you finish painting, you can wipe off the eyeshadow.

Use powder to create thick eyelashes

First apply a layer of mascara, then use a cotton swab to apply the powder evenly on our upper and lower eyelashes, and then apply mascara again. Such a simple step can make our eyelashes thick and distinct~

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