Can makeup brushes be washed with makeup egg wash? -

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-25
Makeup brushes are an essential part of makeup. Many people think that when the brush head is dirty, they just find a cleanser to clean it. Is this approach correct? Now let me explain to you, can makeup brushes be washed with beauty egg cleaning fluid? Can makeup brushes be washed with beauty egg wash? Can makeup brushes be washed with beauty egg wash? The beauty egg cleaning liquid is also a neutral detergent, and the occasional use of the beauty egg cleaning liquid to clean the makeup brush will not cause too much damage to the bristles. However, if used for a long time, there may be a certain degree of damage. Because the makeup sponge is a powder cream that touches cream or liquid, it requires greater cleaning power. Makeup brushes are in contact with easy-to-clean powder, and too strong cleaning power will damage the bristles. How often to wash makeup makeup brushes wholesale Synthetic fiber hair is washed once a week, and animal hair is washed every two weeks. If the frequency of makeup is high, it is best to wash synthetic fiber hair once every three days and animal hair once a week. When cleaning makeup brushes, be careful not to let the brush handle soak in water for a long time, because the brush handle is usually made of wood, and it is easy to mold after touching water. What will happen if the makeup brush is not washed? Every time you use a makeup makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale, the bristles are in contact with the cosmetics and the skin back and forth. During this process, various bacteria will be produced and contaminated. By contacting the skin again, the bacteria will finally enter the deep skin. Formation of acne breakouts or enlarged pores. Secondly, due to long-term use, the makeup makeup brushes wholesale will be stained with various powdery cosmetics, and the color and fit of the cosmetics will be greatly reduced when the makeup is applied again. The difference between makeup brushes and makeup sponges is that makeup brushes do not use powder, and can retain the concealing power of the foundation itself to the greatest extent while applying makeup, so the effect of evening skin tone is particularly good, but it is easy to leave powder marks, so you need to pay attention to the makeup method. Applying makeup with a wet makeup sponge can increase the hydration of the skin and make the base makeup more docile. However, the makeup sponge will absorb powder, resulting in a lack of coverage with a makeup brush, and the blemishes need to be partially covered.
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