Can loose powder be used for a long time? Can loose powder be applied directly on the face?

by:Suprabeauty     2021-12-16
Many people especially like to use loose powder and feel that loose powder can maintain makeup. So can loose powder be used for a long time? May wish to get to know the editor! It's easy to take off makeup on hot summer days. Why not try loose powder, can loose powder be applied directly on the face? Let's take a look with the editor below!

Can loose powder be applied directly on the face?

Loose powder is not recommended to be applied directly on the face for the following reasons:

No need

Because loose powder only has the ability to set makeup, and Can't conceal flaws, can't whiten, and can't hydrate, so what is the effect of applying loose powder on the face without makeup and skin care? I want to tell others that you really don’t have makeup today, haha

Clogs pores

Because loose powder is in powder form, when the skin does not have any isolation products, apply loose powder directly on the face, which may clog pores The question!

Can loose powder be used for a long time?

Used for the final makeup setting procedure, it can be used for a long time, but it cannot be directly applied to the skin for a long time. You should know that the skin does not have a basic barrier and is directly in contact with loose powder The main substance of loose powder is a kind of talcum powder. Talc powder is a product forbidden by pregnant women and children cannot use it. It is harmless to use a small amount every day, but if it is directly applied to the skin , Will damage the health of the skin. The country has regulations on the addition of talcum powder. As long as the loose powder with the national safety production license is obtained, everyone can use it with peace of mind. At the same time, pregnant women should use loose powder that does not contain talc.

The harmful effects of long-term use of loose powder

Injury the skin. Apply the loose powder directly to the face. Without any protection work, the chemical components in the loose powder will directly contact the skin, causing irritation to the skin and harming the skin. Irritated may cause acne or acne, severely even allergies and other skin diseases. Accelerate skin aging There are many chemical components in cosmetics. If the chemical components directly contact the skin once or twice, there is no obvious harm, but for a long time, it will increase the burden on the skin, affect the normal breathing of the skin, and accelerate the speed of skin aging. , And serious wrinkles may even occur in advance. Pore u200bu200bclogging loose powder itself is a makeup setting product. Its greatest effect is to set makeup. If you apply loose powder directly without makeup, the effect of setting makeup will not be achieved, and it is easy to block the pores and cause acne on the face. Closed mouth acne and spots, etc.

Can loose powder be used on hair?

Use loose powder to deoil hair.

Loose powder or powder is a beauty product that sets makeup. In fact, it has another function, that is, loose powder can absorb oil, can also remove scalp odor, and emit a light fragrance, which is very suitable Girls perform daily first aid for their hair!

The modification effect of loose powder in different parts

Chin: People with round face and short chin may wish to try it, which can lengthen the face.

The bridge of the nose: Pay attention to the bridge of the nose, avoid the nose, so as not to make the nose look too big, brushing on the bridge of the nose can accentuate the three-dimensional effect.

Forehead: Most Asians have flat foreheads. Brushing some pearls in the center of the forehead can make the forehead look fuller.

Cheekbones: If your cheeks are too thin or shriveled, brushing on your cheekbones will make your apple muscles fuller.

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