Can I mix makeup brushes? Is the makeup brush easy to use or the beauty egg?

by:Suprabeauty     2021-12-16
Both the makeup brush and the makeup egg can play a very good makeup effect, and each has its own advantages, mainly depending on personal preferences and usage habits. Let's take a look at it in detail below! We all know that makeup brushes and makeup eggs are two very common makeup tools, and many people use makeup brushes or makeup eggs for makeup. So, is the makeup brush better or the beauty egg?

Which one is better for a makeup brush or a beauty egg 1. From the appearance

The beauty egg is generally in the shape of a drop or a gourd, and some businesses have made small or faceted beauty makeup Egg. The shape can basically meet most of the makeup needs, and the details can also be handled in place. The brush is relatively small in shape. Generally, the brush head is round or tongue-shaped and inclined, and the details are difficult to handle.

2. From the point of view of texture,

Beauty eggs are made of sponge, while brushes are generally made of animal hair. Relatively speaking, there is little difference in the power of powder absorption between the two. The beauty egg will absorb water and become more fluffy before use, reducing the power of the sponge to absorb powder.

3. From the look of makeup

The makeup of the beauty egg is lighter and thinner, the hiding power is also good, and the makeup feel is partial matte. The foundation on the brush is relatively solid, with higher concealing power, and the makeup is translucent, which will give people a natural feeling of translucent skin.

4. From a novice applicability point of view

The advantage of the beauty egg is that the makeup is evenly applied, and the area of u200bu200bthe base makeup is large, fast, and there is no obvious makeup feeling. If the brush is too strong, it will leave obvious brush marks. Relatively speaking, makeup eggs are more suitable for novices than brushes.

Can I mix makeup brushes?

No. Each type of makeup brush has different purposes, and different makeup brushes use different makeup brushes. Only by playing their role can the makeup be applied quickly and beautifully. Let’s take a look at the uses of makeup brushes:

1. Foundation brushes

There are round foundation brushes, flat foundation brushes, and flat foundation brushes. The feature of foundation brush is that the bristles are shorter, generally 3-4cm, the bristles are tighter, and the toughness is better. The foundation brush must be resistant to water and oil, and can withstand washing. Therefore, most of the foundation brush is made of artificial hair. Now a toothbrush-shaped foundation brush has been released. It is similar to a normal flat-head brush, but the handle is changed. Location, it is more labor-saving when brushing powder.

2. Loose paint brushes

The shapes of loose paint brushes are generally round, flat, tapered, inclined and fan-shaped, and the bristles of the loose paint brushes are relatively sparse. The brush head area of u200bu200bthe loose powder brush is relatively large, and the amount of bristles is not as dense as the foundation brush. It can hold the powder well and fit the face, so that the makeup is even and it is very convenient to use.

3. Contour brush

The bristles of the contour brush are also relatively sparse, and the size is smaller than that of the loose powder brush. Generally, there are round heads, beveled brush heads and tapered brush heads. The curvature of the bevel of the contouring brush can better fit the contour of the face, and the bevel brush is more suitable for small-area contouring than the tapered brush.

The classification of hair quality of makeup brushes

Generally, there are two types of hair quality for makeup brushes: natural hair and artificial hair.

Natural hair has complete hair scales, so the hair is softer and has a strong powder grip, which can make makeup more compliant and will not irritate the skin. Mink and yellow wolf hair in natural hair are relatively superb, soft and moderate in texture, and the price is also low; goat hair is a relatively ordinary hair quality; horse hair is softer, but horse hair is slightly less elastic ; Squirrel hair belongs to the best quality of hair, the price will be very expensive, but it is also what you pay for.

The artificial hair has a harder texture and is suitable for thick cream makeup, but the price will be much lower. Artificial hair is more used for foundation brushes; nylon has the hardest texture and is mostly used for eyelashes Brush, eyebrow brush, etc.

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