Brush or sponge for liquid foundation, which is best for makeup

by:Suprabeauty     2021-10-09
Liquid foundation is a cosmetic that is used in the makeup part of the makeup. It can help modify the skin tone. However, the liquid foundation is liquid, so you have to rely on tools to apply makeup. Some girls are accustomed to using sponges for makeup, and some girls are accustomed to using brushes for makeup. Everyone has their own habit. So what is the best makeup for liquid foundation?  1. Liquid foundation on fingers    Advantages: It is very convenient and easy to operate, the strength is also well controlled, and the covering power of makeup is better.   Disadvantages: Can not take into account the positions of the fundus of the eyes and the wings of the nose, and the temperature of the hands will affect the texture of the liquid foundation.   Suitable for the crowd: girls with dry skin or heavier blemishes.  2. Liquid foundation on the brush    Advantages: The hair is soft, not easy to eat powder, the effect is uniform and compliant, and it can cover the dead corners out of the reach of fingers.   Disadvantages: poor quality brushes are easy to shed hair, irritate the skin, pay attention to techniques, and are not easy to control. If they are not applied well, there will be obvious brush marks.  3. Liquid foundation on sponge    Advantages: The sponge is soft, absorbent, easy to apply makeup, novices can get started quickly, and will not irritate the skin.   Disadvantages: easy to eat powder, cause waste, easy to retain bacteria and cosmetic ingredients when cleaning from time to time, and the service life is short.  Suitable for the crowd: Use sponge to apply makeup with a light and natural feel, suitable for oily skin girls.   The above are the advantages and disadvantages of the three liquid foundation methods. You can use them together according to your needs. In fact, no matter what you use to apply liquid foundation, it is hygienic besides your own habits. If you are used to applying liquid foundation with your hands, then you have to wash your hands before applying makeup.
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