Briefly describe the usage of several commonly used cosmetic brushes-Company News-

by:Suprabeauty     2023-02-17
There are many types of makeup brushes. To cope with daily makeup, you can combine them according to your personal makeup habits. The usage of each makeup makeup makeup brushes wholesale wholesale is different. The following editor will briefly introduce the usage of several kinds of makeup makeup brushes wholesale for you: 1. Surplus powder brush: The surplus powder brush is generally used to remove excess powder and sundries in the last stage of makeup, and it can also be used in painting Cover the lower eyelid area when eye shadowing to prevent the eye shadow powder from falling on the face and affecting the makeup. 2. Foundation brush: use the foundation brush to apply liquid foundation, the base makeup will have more texture and can hide pores well, but the concealer effect is not very good. Liquid foundation with a puff does a great job of covering blemishes. I don't want to leave brush marks. When brushing, follow the skin texture and hair growth direction, and finally bend the brush at a 15-degree angle to paint again without leaving marks. 3. Eyeliner brush: When drawing eyeliner, put the mirror below the eye level, look down and draw eyeliner. Because it is not easy to form the eyeliner for the eyelashes at one time, use the feeling of rubbing to apply the eyeliner little by little at the root of the eyelashes. 4. Blush brush: There are two methods of blush: front blush and side blush. The front blush is to paint the blush on the smiling muscles, and the side blush is to brush from the sides of the cheekbones to the center of the cheekbones to deepen the side profile and create a sense of elegance, so it is more suitable for mature women. For beginners in makeup, you can use light-colored blush to highlight the large area, and then repair the parts that are too thick, but you must control the strength when correcting, so as not to damage the base makeup. 5. Concealer brush: Because the concealer is thicker than the liquid foundation, it is easy to paint the base makeup in different shades, so you must use the liquid foundation to adjust the concentration before use. The concealer brush with a wide head fits well around the eyes and cheeks, following the skin texture as you apply. When you want to cover partial spots, use a concealer brush with a thin brush head to repeatedly apply the concealer to a spot until it is completely covered. When concealing, be sure to use a small amount to pick up and apply repeatedly. 6. Dry powder brush: Dry foundation will exacerbate the dryness of the face, so just apply a thin layer, and then cover the cheeks with both hands to make the dry foundation firmly fit on the skin. A dry powder brush can also be used to apply contouring powder, which can deepen the three-dimensional effect of the face.
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